Sunday, May 27, 2018

A Resolution to a Resolution!

I don't know why, but I have felt mostly tired this month. Having a Thyroid condition can affect most of what you try to do day by day when most people can quite comfortably manage without any issues. At the end of each working day and week, it feels as if I have had travelled on a long haul flight halfway across the world. Ironically, even if I have a day off or when the weekend comes, it is still the same if a little less. Lethargy comes to mind! I guess this all comes with the territory of having an underactive Thyroid.  So, please do forgive me if I mention this each month or periodically. 😵

The weather has really come up trumps this month with lots of nice sun and rain to cools things down a little bit but to also water natures garden. I have taken a precautionary measure and bought some Hayfever Antihistamines and touch wood, so far everything is okay with limited sneezing fits. 😲

LEGO :: ( Star Wars | 75193 Millennium Falcon Microfighter )
Here is a cute little set ideally themed for " May 4th Be with You " during the month of May. The build was fun and it is nice to have a Chewbacca mini-figure. 😉 I picked this up from Asda Living during an ad-hoc shopping trip with Mrs A. 😍

GameDev :: ( PC | Shooter - 16 Degrees )
During some testing on a Laptop, it suddenly dawned on me that the screen resolution was too deep from a Y dimension sense. The original resolution was 1024 x 768, but I found that this proved graphically difficult during gameplay. So, I have decided to change the resolution throughout the whole game to 800 x 600. Of course, the scrolling screens will stay at 800 x 3840 or thereabouts.
The main game itself should remain unchanged but will make it more compatible with Laptops and PC's with similar resolutions, especially full-screen. For the moment the main design and collision detection are set, so the change of path is actually good because I wanted to change the design of the background tiles. Once this is done, I can apply phased checking and tidying until I am happy. Not to forget plenty of playtesting! 🕹😉

PC :: ( Windows 10 | Version 1803 Update )
Normally, I say normally, a Windows update is fairly straightforward and shouldn't pose too much of a problem. Unfortunately, this time for me, there was an issue that just wasn't going to go away. For almost an entire week my PC didn't want to update and everything else was functioning correctly.

Some of the solutions to remedy the issue were a bit too radical, like, re-installing Windows altogether. That in itself would take several days during a working week or an entire week. Well, after some further investigation, I found out that clearing a certain folder could be the answer. According to a site called Driver Easy, my problem of " Windows 10 Upgrade Stuck at 99% " was pretty much solved. The folder in question was " C:\Windows\SoftwareDistribution ". There are some other methods which involve stopping and starting services and running " Windows Update Troubleshooter ". The clear winning solution was to delete the entire contents of the Software Distribution folder, but I did have to revert to doing this in Safe Mode as Windows was protecting a few files for whatever reason. Within a couple of hours, I was fully updated and nothing was lost or broken. I did make a few backups, Differential and FULL just to be safe. So, yes! Phew! That's that until another big Windows update! 😝

And finally ...

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