Saturday, February 24, 2018

Frosts and Flowers!

I pretty much survived this month avoiding potholes and enduring frosty mornings. Although, it is a bit confusing when it rains the next day? 😕 I will be glad when spring finally arrives, seeing Snow Drops around is a reassuring sign that warmer temperatures are on the way. 😊
Our Amaryliss has flowered. It was given as a gift with a Christmas Hamper and didn't take too long to grow from the bulb over the last couple of months. It makes me feel very cheery indeed! 😄

GameDev :: ( PC | Shooter - 16 Degrees )
We are nearly approaching a point where the big collision detection and game testing phase begins. I am hoping that it will work out to be a gradual difficulty progression, although I have a feeling it may be a bit random.
I finished the intro and game complete screens. There may well be some changes to these, but the overall placement gives an idea of what I wanted. The current build of 16 Degrees is now close to its first phase of completion. I usually like to do several phases making improvements wherever needed. 😎

Sound effects haven't been added yet, but I have an idea of what  I would like use. You really can't beat vocal effects being edited in Audacity! 😃

And finally ...

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