Friday, October 27, 2017

Tiling and The Tooth is out!

The daily commute to work is now like night, even though it is stupid'o clock in the morning. That's fine however, I have always liked an early start to the working day. I don't think the weather can make it's mind up, as it is still relatively mild at the moment. The heating hasn't been switch on yet at Aris HQ, but there is going to be the big switch on at the end of October. Just in time for Autumn and Winter to really kick in! 😊

I think the change in season has made me feel more tired, I felt more alert during the Summer months, all I want to do now is hibernate. For some reason, I still feel anxious about certain things. I now find when I make a mistake, I can't forgive myself and stress over the matter. There seems to be more energy into the theory why a problem has occured, rather than just moving on and learning. I do however think that over analysis in trying to be too perfect with some tasks really doesn't help! 😕 A more relaxed approach is probably better, life and situations aren't always perfect.

A few days ago, a troublesome tooth from a year ago finally fell out. Now, for several weeks, it had become quite loose and began to literally interfere whilst I was eating anything. There was no pain, just annoyance more than anything.
You may well be trying to work out what part of the mouth the tooth came from? Well, it is in fact the front left to the middle two front teeth. Cosmetically, it does look quite stark! 😨 All is not lost though, the Tooth Fairy  maybe able to help out and get me a bridge tooth. That will hopefully be sometime next month! 😃

GameDev :: ( PC | Shooter - 16 Degrees )
Apart from some more tweaks to the player and enemy objects, I decided to design some basic background tiles. Without even realising, GameMaker Studio2 can now support animated tiles. This will prove very useful whilst designing levels with water based backgrounds or a simple attract mode. Each animation speed can be adjusted by frames per second ( FPS ), so it can be slow or fast by how you want it to be.
I have now added two addition power-up weapons for the player, forward multi-directional orbs and a homing missle. One of the enemy objects acts as a parent object with the rest of the enemies regarded as child object, so when a homing missle is fired it will follow any enemy and rotate to change course accordingly. Each power-up will have a timer for about 30 seconds and it will then reset to the default weapon. I think the game would be too easy if all the weapons were active, but there should be enough shooting to keep the player occupied! 😉
There should hopefully be a more detailed background for next time. Perhaps some buildings, trees and water based features. I think I need to put in some bridges, even if a does give it a feel or hommage to River Raid. 🛩 😉

And finally ...

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