Sunday, August 27, 2017

LED Bulbs, The Caterham and Triggers

This month has been much more settling and less of a roller coaster experience. Sleep is much more easier to get to grips with, staying up late like during my younger days is now a thing of the past. That's why most nights 10pm is the limit, unless it's New Years Eve. 😉

The weekly grocery shop at Aldi is still proving to be a great money saving exercise. I have noticed that fruit, vegetables and meat can very in price a little, still better value than most of the other well known supermarkets. A continual win-win! 😊

LEGO :: ( 21307 | Caterham )
With no speed build for this month and as luck would have it ... 😋 A colleague from work kindly offered to lend me one of his recent purchases to construct, due to him having to pack items up for a house move. So, I took up his offer and built the following ...
The building sensation is quite different when the set isn't from new and with LEGO pieces in one more press and seal bags, the time taken to complete is increased. It took two hours to build and 30 minutes to take apart. I really liked the techniques with the Caterham. You really don't expect after linking each section that you'd end up with the finest car and I could imagined a racing green colour. Just think as well, what it would been like if it was a Bentley? 😃

GameDev :: ( PC | Shooter - 16 Degrees )
Throughout August, I have played around attack waves with the added option of random enemies just in case the player becomes used to game play. There will be standard enemy bullets and intercepting ones, rather like homing missiles. But for now, most of the basic mechanics is working and in place. Notice the trigger points during the game? They won't be visible, the lines act as point to launch the attack wave or another action. The player could well race to a specific point of the level or take longer if they wish. There won't be any overall time to complete each level, only a timer/temperature penalty if the player is fires too much.
The title and intermediate screens have a basic layout and are subject to change. For the moment there will be three levels with different degrees of difficulty. Once everything is in place with collision detection turned on, all will make perfect sense! 😀

LED Light Bulbs :: ( At Home )
For some weeks or even months, I have been mulling over the idea of getting some LED Light Bulbs for Aris HQ. Currently, we have energy savings ones which last up to five years. Each bulb could save over 85% according some technical specifications. I gather that would be verses a domestic bulb and not an energy saving one? Still, that's good in my books. 😉
Just in case you are wondering, they are very bright! 💡😁

And finally ...

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