Saturday, July 22, 2017

Attack waves, a Car and the House !

I just about made it through July. Notably through surviving an anxiety attack which wasn't very pleasant at all. This all seems ironic after attending sessions through Talking Space Plus only just last month. Thankfully, my attack happened at home and for the first time in a couple of years, I took a few days off sick from work. I hadn't slept properly for over a week and my body clock was messed up to the point where I was forcing myself to eat. After about 48hrs with sleep and relaxation, I actually started to feel better. I purchased some natural aid sleeping tablets by Kalms with Valerian root extract. This has definitely helped and I will probably extend the course for another month. The recommended time take one tablet is before bedtime.

Time had come around again to renew my Driving Licence and I can't believe 10 years has passed. If you have a valid Passport, your photo can be used and processed online. However, I had to do things differently and visited the main Post Office in Oxford. Whilst there, your photo and signature are digitally taken with the rest of the application processed. I was expecting it to take up to two weeks, but I received mine within three working days. Excellent! 😊 

Lego :: ( MOCs | speed builds )
To my surprise, I managed to get two speed builds recorded and edited. Each build uses classic bricks which are pretty common in my collection at the moment. Apart from regular bricks, I also have what I call non-regular which are specific certain sets or builds. I initially would like to sort them into colours and types. Over time, this will probably happen, subject to space and costs. Keeping the bricks in two tubs at the moment is easy, but not so convenient when your trying to locate one for a build.
I really like the house build, but would of liked to have a window, door and sloped roof tiles. Using regular bricks doesn't necessarily have limitations, it's how you apply the design to make the subject stand out and be noticeable.
You really can't beat a cartoon character and especially one with big eyes and squishy tyres. I know the wheels aren't perfectly round, that's what makes this design so quirky. Keeping the imagination flowing helps. A few designs ago, I didn't actually use the Digital Designer from Lego. They were designed on what I call, the fly! For example, the Emoticons and Trees. When I computer isn't on and you have containers of Lego at hand, it's win, win regardless! 😉

GameDev :: ( PC | Shooter - 16 Degrees)
I've been concentrating on basic attack waves so far this month. Your general, left, right, up and down, but also sweeping movements from the left and right. It has been fun experimenting with different techniques as well.
The friction and speed code can be adjusted to give a more realistic sweeping motion. With the Path editor, you can be basic or elaborate as desired. 😎
I think I might start slowing preparing the intermediate screens soon, not forgetting the title screen. I have a basic idea on how I want the layout. The gameplay might appear simple and hopefully when everything is in place and tweaked, it will all become much clearer. 😉

And finally ...

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