Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Trees and the Eee PC Project

After the mixed bag of events from last month, mostly with the feeling of 'Meh', I've started to feel a bit better and have managed to get back on with my interests and hobbies alike. I had my Thyroid levels checked and they are normal. So, I have tried to get more rest whenever possible. Sleep is always a bit random when I sometimes only get four to five hours a night, mostly during a working week. Alhough, the feeling of slight Jet lag is always with me, being one of the conditions of an under active Thyroid. 😖

Lego :: ( MOCs | Tree )
I feel as if I'm back on track with the speed builds and for this month I present a couple of trees. These could quite easily be used for a Minecraft or similar rustic project using classic bricks. I think it has been good to have a short break, even though I have an abundance of ideas, not having to worry about getting a certain amount of videos edited per month is kind of a good thing. I want to enjoy the building design and process. I hope to get the speed build for the house done for June if I can with any other builds that become available. 😉
Eee PC Project ::
Over the last few months I have been trying to bring an Asus Eee 4G 701 PC back to life, in the form of getting an operating system fully working on it. Ideally, I wanted to get any version of Linux or Ubuntu running.

Alas, the only working OS I managed to install was Lubuntu with a minimal installation. You can run Live CD or USB builds without installation and that works to a degree. The original OS was Windows XP, but is long gone. I was curious to read that several people had got early versions of Android working, if a bit slow running for some. However, my attempt, even a brave one, wasn't enough to get everything up and running. It would have proved very interesting to get Android working and also fun at the same time. So, for now, Lubuntu it is! 😐

GameDev :: ( PC | Shooter )
Well, I've made a small start in the sense of getting a few variables set out for the next game. The rules will be set out by temperature, power ups of some kind and shooting mostly everything in order to gain that high score.
I am hoping to vary the backdrops / background. A space theme with stars and planets is always good, but I think this time I'll add some land. Probably on the same vain as Phantom - The Mission / Millennium.
I really liked my gamedev from a few years ago, I used to design about two or three a year. Even though I have slowed down a bit, I am proud of what I have achieved since 1988. 😃

And finally ...


  1. You should have a look at https://www.bunsenlabs.org/index.html for an alternative to Lunbutu. It's still linux but based on CrunchBang, which was a distro target at low-spec machines. I have it running on my own netbook after trying a whole bunch. Can be run as a live image, so you can always try it out without touching what you already have.

    1. Thanks for the info, Lee. I have just installed the i386 NonPAE version. Not only was it easy to install, but also FAST! There is also a nice 1.6gig left for other applications. :)