Saturday, April 29, 2017

April Showers

This month has been strange and unusual in places, plus I think my under active Thyroid has been acting a bit on the random side, if that makes any sense. During my week off over Easter I spent a couple of days in bed with exhaustion and didn't really feel motivated to do much else. 😖

I think the weather has been quite a surprise, we've had typical April showers, but also a drop in temperature. I had put my winter coat away and switched to wearing a fleece. Only ending up to wearing my coat again because of a few frosts and 10c or less temperatures. 😨

Hopefully, May and June will pick up pace with projects. I must admit, I have been listening to a lot of music this month. Mostly, Electronica and a lot of 1980's pop and my radio station 📻 of choice is Classic FM, which celebrates being 25 this year. 🎶

Lego :: ( MOCs | House and Tree )
Probably for the first time, there isn't a speed build this month. Only a MOC consisting of a House and Tree on an 8 x 16 green baseplate. As usual, it's back to basics with the design, only using regular bricks. I think at some point in the future, I will do a revised version with roof tiles, windows and doors, there might even be a different tree as well. 😃
I could well of done a grand, larger house, but keeping it humble and simple made the point of the design. Perhaps a side garage with car could have been an option too! 😉

And finally ...