Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Another Studio, Tassimo and let's go Turkey !

I have appreciated the last few weeks of November by looking forward to some vacation time, usually to help, be with Mrs. A more and celebrate Thanksgiving, but to also get into the pre-festive mood. So, to start, up went the tree and mutter amongst yourselves as December hasn't even arrived yet! :)
We also went food shopping and got some of our food and drink for the holiday period and into the new year. The Nectar points awarded by Sainsbury's on every food shop and petrol purchase helped over the last few months. So, all we need to do is just get the everyday essentials now and we're set.

Lego :: ( MOC | speed build )
Just the one speed build this month, but I should have two suitably themed and ready for December. I thought I would go with the Turkey theme and even though the colour of bricks shows a more well cooked design, it's what I had amongst my existing collection. So, enjoy! :) 

GameDev :: ( GameMaker Studio 2 )
It has been quite a fun and overwhelming month with regards gamedev. I managed to get a beta testing slot for GameMaker Studio 2, which at first, limited slots were only made available, until finally it was open to all. Shortly after this, there was an offer to purchase via an upgrade from GameMaker Studio 1.4 at a introductory price, this worked out to be just under £58 GBP ( inc. VAT ).  The added beauty, is that you will still be able to use 1.4 and 2.0 together. So far, I have been able to import 1.4 projects that have worked 100%. Compatibility scripts are created to make the conversion process even smoother and are easily accessible. I tried UP, a more simpler and Bugsy Reloaded, a more complex project, both worked without a hitch.
The remainder of my current projects in GameMaker Studio 1.4 for Android have been updated with a LibPNG patch which fixed vulnerability issue, even though the apps available on the Google Play Store sat there for around two years without any issues or reports.

I started to do a game engine for GameMaker Studio 2 and this will contain all the elements for shoot'em ups, platformers, puzzle games and other genres. Sprites, Objects and Rooms will be grouped into a specific genre, so when it comes to developing another game or project, I can just copy and paste code. Over the past few years, I have gradually used drag and drop commands less with GameMaker. It is far simplier and quicker to use GML code, but also easier to tweak. The productivity rate is increased using programs like GameMaker and the likes of Unity, Construct and Clickteam Fusion. Infact, coding in any lauguage is good and no matter what you code, bugs will always deliver problems and solutions! :)

App Development :: ( JMBSoft )
A fellow developer and retro gaming friend, Jason has just released a couple of Android apps via the Google Play Store. Bouncing Balls and Very Simple Notes are great first time apps. They are well worth an install and look at. See if you can work up to 300 bouncing balls or assist yourselves with very simple notes.
Bosch Tassimo Vivy ::
Even before the Black Friday, but let's start Thursday or even before deals started. I decided to buy a Tassimo Vivy from Amazon UK for only £33 GBP. Of course, some beverage pods were purchased as I well and the only downside is, that you don't get any free samples to get started with. That aside, it is quicker than boiling a Kettle at only 1300 watt, against some using upto 2000 watt.
 And finally ...


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