Saturday, September 24, 2016

We have Bananas, but no Internet !

It's been an action packed month all around with delays, progress and some really crazy goings on with the weather. However, with patience and perserverance everthing turned out alright in the end! :)
Even though it was early in the morning during my commute to work, the above video only captures a small part of the reality in terms of the driving conditions. I have never experienced anything like it in my life, heavy snow, but rain?

Lego :: ( MOC | speed build )
For some time, I had been wanting to design a star of some sort and could well of used yellow coloured bricks, but I decided to go with an orange / peach colour. As you may have also noticed, it has my signature bulging cartoon eyes, just to make it more fun looking! :)
We have Bananas, but no Internet !
Several years ago, we ( Mrs. A and I ) used to have our groceries delivered by a well known supermarket and in one of the quantity boxes for our online list, it was believed that only six singular Bananas or a bunch was chosen. How wrong we were?
This might sound a little confusing, but imagine if you had all the Bananas you could eat and then suddenly one day there was none? Well, not for a while anyway!
In a not so similar true story, I decided to get a better deal during September with my Landline Phone and Broadband Internet.  I chose to transfer my service to EE, a well known telecommunications company under the BT group and with whom we were currently subscribed too ( BT that is ). Everything was going really well, the new Broadband Wireless Modem arrived in good time before the switch over date and then it came to the day! The Landline was transferred correctly, but there was an error with the Broadband switch over, probably at the local exchange or nearest cabinet. During this time, EE customer service team were excellent, but it seemed that BT had to play a part in remedying the technical situation.
The process took about one week to be resolved and before an estimated day and time. I can only descripe this as *very* frustrating, not exactly a first world problem, I know! It was like going cold Turkey without having full access to the Internet with only a small data plan to go by via Vodafone to go by. ( EE even offered additional data if we were on their network, alas, our Vodafone contract expires in March 2017 ). I have no idea why it took so long, a couple of days wait would have been acceptable, but hey! It's working now with fast Fibre Broadband! :) EE also, discounted my overall connection fee, Modem delivery and first month payment. The other additional bonus, was BT not charging me an exit fee for leaving them and having a small, but welcoming £5 credit refund. Nice! :)
Despite the rare delay occurance, it was well worth the change and despite all the frustration and I'll mention it again, the EE customer service team were excellent, patient and understanding about my experience and situation. Thank you! :)

GameDev :: ( Barriers )
I have made a bit more progress with the game this month, mostly through tweaking and giving the main player ship a make over. The sound levels having been adjusted and since the video below was recorded there have been changes to a few sound effects and behaviours to the gameplay.
Barriers works really well on Android and the on screen Joystick control feels better than just holding a static area of the screen. The only routine I couldn't get to work fully, was with a Bluetooth controller. For some unknown reason, it conflicted with the on screen controls. So, it was either or just one option. Perhaps at a later date, I might be able to work out how to incorporate both routines. I don't know how many people would use a controller, but at least it would be nice to have another method of playing. The menu will remain touch screen for Android and Mouse control for PC. Some Laptops and PC's have touch screen technology, so with the keyboard controls as well, it will make the menu system a bit more interactive.

Perhaps for next month or November we may see a release or date for everyone to play and see! :)

And finally ...

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