Sunday, August 28, 2016

Revisit and dust down !

This has been a most interesting month with the dust down of a gamedev project from two years ago and the fact that I still remembered some of the structure and workings, is somewhat amazing ! The weather has been very good with some nice high temperatures, rain and lots of persperation moments mostly during walks a lunchtime at work and whilst out and about. It certainly has been humid month !

Lego :: ( MOC | speed build )
This month we have two builds using classic LEGO bricks, which were fun to design and one has an experiment / test that actually worked.
I really like the design of this Trophy Cup, also at the same time if you remove the handles, it acts as a Chalice. However, with this design, holding the Trophy Cup stem or base would be the best idea, as the handles are detachable.
Watch out for the Octopus ! Although, usually known to be a purple colour, I thought I would go with an orange feel. Also, with a few modifications, you could easily change this into a Spider. This was a fun MOC to do !

GameDev :: ( Barriers )
Just when I thought I'd totally put any form of gamedev on hold, I decided to pull out Barriers from two years ago and have a look at it again. This was during a week off in early August and I set myself little target goals to complete. Each goal consisted of areas of the game to check, modify or remove.
To my amazement, I really got stuck into the process. Making little checklists is the way to go, with most tasks completed on the sameday or next. During each task, I sometimes found something challenging, but after a few tests, the problem would be resovled or part of the routine improved.

I am aiming to have lots of semi-transparent objects in the background, simply as an attract mode and to make it a bit more interesting. Adding some nice graphic effects makes it more enjoyable to play, especially when you shoot an object or blow it up into smitherines ! :)

There isn't a scheduled release date for Barriers at the moment. Although, I would like to see it being completed by September or October 2016. For the moment, it will only be available on Android and PC. The majority of the work left to do, is to get everything working ( nearly everything is ) and get it looking the way I like. Again, this is only another mini-game project, mainly because of time constraints. But no matter what, I always love doing gamedev and the interesting moments it brings !

For now, I haven't uploaded any videos of the game in action on YouTube, but hope too for next month. However, if you have a Twitter account, I've posted a couple of Tweets with some video gameplay, the latest having sound effects by myself  and music kindly allowed to be used by Kent 'Powertrace' Valden. The game is still in ALPHA build mode, so there will be some sections to fix and the sound effects and volume need to be normalised.

It is also nice to get back playing with Variables again ! :)

SlayRadio ::
If you are into computer music and remixes, then you should really check out SlayRadio. It has an amazing selection of tracks played during the day and also has live shows each month ! I like to listen to this station quite a bit, as it helps me during gamedev or if I am doing random projects.

And finally ...

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