Saturday, July 30, 2016

Bubbles, Bubbles everywhere !

Baking is usually a word associated with cooking something via dry heat, but how about some nice 30c temperatures in an office or outside in the fresh air ? Not to complain though, it's a welcome to have nicer weather. Never forgetting to drinking plenty of water, applying sun tan cream, avoiding direct sun for too long ( the shade is safe bet ) and of course access to fans or air conditioning ! :)

Pokémon Go ::
Yep ! I got caught up with the Pokémon Go phenomenon and found it to be quite a fascinating game, which promotes excercise in the strangest way, by walking around. It is a bit unfortunate to learn that several people playing have got caught up in being robbed, attacked and even involved in accidents. Even before Pokémon Go was released, this was still happening to people, so of course common sense is rarely used and a video game is always to blame ! :( Another thing to be aware of, is keep an eye on your data usage when playing, I actually went over my limit. Although, I do have mine set at only 250mb per month, as I predominantly use Wi-Fi.
Lego :: ( MOC | speed build )
You can't help but think cute when you see the characters in the video game, Bubble Bobble. I was thinking about this as a build for some time and I am very pleased with the results. By using mostly classic bricks in reletively common colours and only a few plates, it was a win-win result ! :)

Hama Beads ::
For a several months I have had amast hundreds of different coloured Hama Beads for creative art projects. As a kickstart, I decided to create a couple late one night and come up with two retro characters on drink mats, Manic Miner and a Space Invader ! :)

Once you have pain stakingly placed each bead onto the special textured pointy plate, place a grease proof sheet on top and with the natural weight on an Iron, gently move it for no more than 20-30 seconds. After this, place a heavy object like a book on top for 10 minutes and this should ensure the bond of the beads is set. I actually left my designs over night with a book on top, which really made a difference. 

Although, fiddly, it's quite a nice art project to take up and I would recommend it to anyone of all ages. The prices aren't too bad and purchasing a starter pack would be a good place to start ! :) You can buy them at most craft shops or online via Amazon or Hama Beads direct.

Crowdfunding Projects ::
During late July backers of the Project Sidologie had a nice digital download treat of disk 1 of the album in MP3 and FLAC format.
Disk 1 Track Listing :
01. Shadow Skimmer (Neil “Demon” Baldwin)
02. Robocop (Jon Dunn)
03. Rockbuster (Johannes Bjerregaard)
04. Rimrunner (Richard Joseph)
05. Storm Warrior (Mark Cooksey)
06. Athena (Martin Galway)
07. Implosion (Fred Gray)
08. Dutch Breeze (Reyn Ouwehand)
09. Mutants (Fred Gray)
10. Dominion Amyloid (Mark Tait/Marcel Donne)
11. Enigma Force (Fred Gray)
12. Trickbag (Stellan “Dane” Andersson)
13. Never Die (Kenneth “Slaygon” Mutka)
14. Gem-X (Chris Huelsbeck)
15. LED Storm (Tim Follin)

The other disks are to follow and I am loving the style and quality so far. This project is well worth the wait and the money ! :)

The Works ::
Thanks to the wonder of streaming music, Allister Brimble of famed computer game music and remixes, has released the Amiga and Spectrum Works via Spotify. The albums are well worth a listen and purchase if you can afford it.

And finally ...
The NES Classic Edition

SEGA Genesis Portable

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