Sunday, June 26, 2016

There's no escaping an Atchoo !

There was me thinking, that I wouldn't be struck down by a bout of hayfever. Ah ! But there is no escape ... Atchoo ! Yep ! The higher levels of both grass and tree pollen got the better of me and I have been suffering. Although, it feels more of a cold than anything else with a constant stream of nose blowing ! :o
In between sneezing with have had a lot of rain and scattered Thunderstorms over ther last few weeks. So, with the aide of a Dashcam I was able to catch a some Lightning on Camera from storm a few miles away.
The severity of the storm might not have matched those that occur in different parts of the world, but it gives a vision of what the weather was like on a said day.

Lego :: ( MOC | speed build )
This month has been quite an exciting one with regards to MOC builds, two of which a known characters. First off, we have Dizzy from Treasure Island Dizzy by the Oliver Twins.
The egg method of design consists of layered brick plates, which are held together by 4 sided studded 1x1 pieces or equally suited pieces. The same method is used to make ball shapes, ideal for decorations or sculptures.
SpongeBob SquarePants is quite a well known character. All of the bricks used in this build were from my exisiting Lego stock. Although, there is only a few articulate parts, movement of arms and tie. I was really happy with the design !
When I thought of the Reptile design, I originally intended to do a Alligator or Crocodile. I ended up with Lizard type of character, which makes me think of growing version of Bubble Bobble for some reason.
Lastly, we have Birds. I am really pleased with this build and only wish I had some blue 2x4 bricks to do red, green and blue set. Also, the blue bird would have been slightly reminiscent of the Twitter bird icon ! :)

DRIVE :: ( Dashcam | semi-regular )
DRIVE is a semi-regular series where recorded footage of a journey by myself or part is available to show the places I have visited via an affordable Dashcam by TOGUARD. At the moment, there is Stratford-upon-Avon and a couple of other locations, plus some other short clips.
I didn't realise that there are other YouTube channels with similar travel videos. It's always nice to see what a town or place looked liked even from years gone by. Here is a video recorded by Martin Bean from a Bournemouth drive in 1980 ...
It must have been quite interesting to record this during the day and the tripod or fixing mount for the video camera was genius ! :)

Crowdfunded Projects ::
This month saw the funded project for The Mastertronic Archives. Although, I could well of gone for the book, I actually went for the PDF book version on a theme Mastertronic USB memory stick in a Cassette with inlay. Quote from my selected pledge - " This level includes The Mastertronic Archives USB Cassette in a clear jewel case with a '199 Range' inspired inlay featuring cover artwork by original 1980s Mastertronic artist, Mark J. Brady PLUS your name in the book PLUS All PDFs come pre-loaded on the USB cassette along with some bonus extras! " I can't wait for this one ! :)

And finally ...
Lemmings for all !

Mmm ... Baguette Boats !

Loading data the good old way !

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