Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Here Comes the Sun, the *BIG* Mix up and Diamond Hunting !

As we enter summery months ahead, it's usually a sign that the hay fever season is going to kick in as well. Thankfully, I have only sneezed a few times and not found it necessary to taken any Antihistamine. But despite this, it's a real welcome to have longer hours of daylight and warmer temperatures ! :)

Lego :: ( MOC | speed build ) / Hommage
Many years ago, I bought an all formats computer magazine called Personal Computer Games Magazine. The December 1984 issue came with a *FREE* Cassette containing Games for the ZX Spectrum, BBC Micro and Commodore 64. One of the games, Boulder Dash, was included and played really well.
Boulder Dash gave me inspiration for the next project, so after choosing from a different selection of Bricks, we have Rockford ...
A few years later, Rockford would find himself partnered up with Thing on a Spring in a comical style in the pages of Zzap! 64 magazine for the Commodore 64.
The magazine scans are courtesy of Mort, whom I purchased the complete works of Zzap!64 and Personal Computer Games from several years ago ( probably 10 years ). It certainly brings back lots of great memories reading the game reviews and interviews from 30+ years gone by !
The Newsfield Years
Lego :: ( The *BIG* Mix Up )
For some time now, I have been considering literally, mixing up all of my ( not physical retail set box sets ) Lego bricks into one box. Every design had all the brick elements separated into press and seal bags, so everything was indeed separate. The upside to mixing everything up, is that you can re-use bricks for a different design. The downside, is that you won't be able to build a design along side with others. I guess I could just order a few extra pieces to resolve this, but it makes sense to re-use existing stock !
Freshly cleaned and ready to mix up the first batch of Lego bricks, but I wonder how many will fit in this ?
These are some of the sealed and separated batches of Lego bricks, surely there will be plenty of room for all of these ?
Well, I would say that 85% of the Lego bricks fitted with possibly room for more ? You can already see the downside to mixing all the bricks together. Rummage, rummage ! :)

I think it might be a good idea to buy a couple of Part Organiser Cabinets. Enough to store the essential brick elements and perhaps keep storage boxes for overflow parts. I am not sure how big my collection will get, but it really is calming and therapeutic to design and then see a build reach it's final stage ! :)

If you have a huge amount of Lego bricks and are looking for some inspiration, why not check out this Household Hacker YouTube video ...
Crowdfunded Projects ::
The Amiga Years 
Thursday 19th May 2016 saw the digital release of " From Bedrooms to Billions: The Amiga Years! ". The psychical DVD and Blu-Ray will be available in several weeks time, mastering and compiling always takes an understandable amount of time. I believe that anyone can buy the digital download which now is available via Vimeo.
Reformation C64 Track Remakes by Matt Gray (Last Ninja 2)
This project will be released over the next few months, as Matt Gray is busy with the overwhelming task of producing the tracks, mastering and compiling. He has understandably had to extend the overall project time ! I can't begin to imagine what it is like producing so many music tracks over any period of time and for one person. Incredible ! The end product will be amazing and well worth the wait ! :)

And finally ...
 How about a Commodore 64 and Windows 10 Hybrid ?

Try Dunking these giant Bourbon Biscuits into your Coffee or Tea ?

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