Saturday, April 30, 2016

Wintry April, the Red Jet and Thing on a Spring

What a welcome April has been with a good mix of weather, including some light Snow !!! Just when you thought the coming weeks were going to get warmer, Mother Nature mixes things up again !
Apart from the random surprise of weather, this month has been relatively quiet !
Lego :: ( MOC | speed builds )
Some time ago, I was thinking about the Red Arrows display team and thought it would be a great idea to design an aircraft similar. What came out at the end, was an aircraft like the one from Zaxxon the video game.
The next design has to be one of my favourites to date. Thing is known character from an 1985 video game, Thing on a Spring from Gremlin Graphics. Accompanying the game was an excellent soundtrack by Rob Hubbard. Rob was renowned for this fantastic melodies, which were stuck in your head all day or in my case for over 30 years ! :)
On a regular basis, Lego give away or include promotional sets on orders over or under a certain price. Well ! As luck would have it, a friend at work received a promo code via O2 for a *FREE* Lego Batmobile for purchases over 1p ( one penny ). So, I ordered an Ironman Fridge Magnet and got the Batmobile ! :)
Hardware ::
Over the last week or so, my PC Mouse hasn't been functioning as it should and ended up maximising, not fully selecting and in some cases *CLOSED* a window I was working in. So, yesterday I ordered a another Mouse from Amazon ( JETech ) and for less than £6 ( GBP ) it is working remarkably well.
Crowdfunded Projects ::
Another project arrived this month, Hints & Tips for Videogame Pioneers by Andrew Hewson. This also came with a music compilation. However, this time I opted for a digital copy of the book and download of the album. Both the book and album are excellent, certainly worth the wait !

Later next month, the From Bedrooms to Billions: The Amiga Years! project is going to be available. From Thursday 19th May, a digital download will be available later on pysical DVD and Blu-Ray copies becoming available shortly afterwards.

Plus, I am super excited about Matt Gray's Reformation album which should be out anytime soon. You can listen to some of the sample tracks on Soundcloud !
Star Wars The Force Awakens ::
Another film I didn't go and see at the cinema, even so, it was a real treat watching it on DVD. The storyline was good and the special effects were awesome.
I wanted to have my own BB-8 droid after watching the film, I had to be realistic though and realised I already had one from the December 2015 Nerd Block.
And finally ...

If your Microwave Oven is a trusted accompaniment to the Kitchen, then why not try out some of these recipies from Gemma Stafford ...

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