Sunday, February 28, 2016

Top Trumps ! A Rabbit and a Leprechaun !

Goodbye February, even though you bought us a leap year this time around, it has felt just like January, long and drawn out. The weather kept it interesting with more frosty mornings and lots of rain. I will be glad when the mornings are lighter, better the reason see those Potholes whilst driving and avoid them at all costs ! Let Moon Buggy show you the light hearted approach to avoiding a Pothole ...
Lego :: ( Let's Build )
The month of February, although seemingly gloomy in places, was in fact quite exciting with five ( MOC | speed builds ). I also set an international competition to win a newly released Lego Creator Set, 31040 Desert Racers. There will be some Haribo included as well ! The competition closes on Friday 4th March 2016 at 12 noon G.M.T ( U.K Time ).
The competition / giveway is a way of thanking my subscribers and viewers, but to also to encourage more people to support my channel. I am hoping to do more giveaways in the future, especially for the international community.

Lego :: ( MOC | speed builds )
Here we have a heart, which is two in one. Two beating as one, if you like. Although the design is simple, I think shows with only a handful of bricks, you can create something wonderful.
You may recognise this Tank or Tanx as I like to refer it as. It's from Roswell Project and I really like the way it turned out. It would have been nice for the cannon part to move up and down, but that could be added to the design at a later date.
The Stealth Jet was supposed to be like the Phantom Fighter Jet from Phantom - The Mission and Phantom Millennium. However, trying to get bricks in certain colours can be challenging and so I went for the all over black brick look. I am very happy with the design and particulary like the back tail !
With Easter approaching, I wanted to design a Rabbit. My initial first design was mostly using classic bricks and was a similar height to the Yoshi and Mario builds. So, thinking smaller, I came up with this. The Carrot looks particulary cute !
Next month is March, but we already know that. My birthday falls on the 16th, a day before the 17th, notebly known as St. Patrick's Day. Which brings us to a tenious link towards a Leprechaun ! :)
With a little bit more time and money I guess, you could come up with some really amazing Lego designs. Especially working models ! With this in mind, you really must take a few moments to visit the following ...
All of JK Brickworks designs are awe inspiring. It shows how the humble Lego brick can be, in being so versatile in demonstrating science itself. Before computers for me, came Lego. I am as equally as passionate for both today !

Another worthy visit, is The Brothers Brick. If this doesn't give you inspiration of what to build and do, then making a cup of Coffee or Tea should be classed as a simple pleasure.

Funded Crowdfunding Projects ::
This month one of my funded Kickstarter projects arrived, the 8-Bit Computer Collectible Cards, which can be used as a Top Trumps type of card game.
The size and quality is excellent, colourful and well worth the money. The information on each card is to the point and appropriate. You may want to pick up two decks, one for play and one to keep sealed ! :)

Another crowdfunding project via Indiegogo to look out for and which is working in progress Jeroen Tel - Tel Me More *C64 game music remakes* although the project wasn't 100% funded, Jeroen Tel has been committed to proceeding with this awesome album. He has a huge portfolio of music from years gone by and is famous for composing music on most platforms, notebly starting on the Commodore 64. Why not listen to some of work on Soundcloud ?

I have a feeling that Matt Gray's Reformation Album will be released in March, if it is, it would really be an exciting month ! :)

And finally ...

If you haven't heard of the Cadbury's Creme Egg, you need to at least try one. The receipe in the chocolate mixture may have changed somewhat, but the possibilities with how you could bake with them seems at least adventurous ! You need to see Barry from My Virgin Kitchen try and make a Scotch Egg equivilent. Calorific to say the least ! :)

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