Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Another Mince Pie anyone ?

Firstly, you may have noticed the name change of this Blog from " Game Making the Home Brew Way " to " Musings of an Oxonian Geek ". The link has also changed, so there will be a trail of broken links, until Google caches the change and everyone gets up to speed.

One of the main reasons for changing the name of the Blog, is because of the content. It's more focused towards general subjects now, other than game development and gaming itself. You may well of noticed the introduction to Lego, both in kits and creative ideas through speed builds, which is not only fun, but interesting too! This has increased over the last few months and will probably be here to stay for the foreseeable future!

This December has been pretty awesome so far with the extra good feeling of being on vacation until almost mid January 2016. Christmas came and went pretty quick, but the days have gone slow, if that makes any sense at all.
Christmas Present Haul 2015
This above is the haul of presents I received for Christmas 2015 with one present to arrive, as it is still to be delivered. The blue Fleece Blankets and other background objects weren't part of the presents, just something Mrs. A and I thrown on the bed during the winter months. Here are some of my favourites, even though all of them were pretty awesome ...
Transformers Autobot Light
Transformers Autobot Light OFF
Transformers Autobot Light ON

The Transformers Autobot Light is powered via USB, either from a PC or power supply with USB Port. The light doesn't pulse or flicker, it's only static, but very cool all the same. This is one of the awesome presents from Mrs. A.
Brickdiction and Brickbuilders Mug
The Brickdiction book and Brickbuilders Mug were from Mrs. A's brother John and family from the USA. They have probably gathered by now, that I am pretty much a fan of the humble brick. The mug is pretty cool with an interaction which will be a must! But care would have to be taken if your favourite beverage is inside the mug. Watch out for spillage!
Lego Mini Fig Obi-Wan Kenobi looks down into the Mug ... It's a long way, way down there!
Every one of my Christmas presents now features a form of Lego, which you may well of noticed and Mrs. A rewarded me with a Star Wars themed kit ...
Clone Commander Cody is an awesome build and is an amazing 23.5 cm tall with the ability of plenty of poses. I think I will try and get a few more Star Wars buildable figures, perhaps Obi-Wan Kenobi, Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader.

Nerd Block :: ( December 2015 ) | Star Wars Trek 
This is the last month for this subscription box, which was for 12 months only. Next year I will be deciding what other boxes I would like to subscribe to and how many. I pay for all of the subscriptions in 2015 and wasn't promoting any in the process. Just in case you were wondering ! :)

Brick Loot :: ( December 2015 ) | Space Fight
Just before we slip into the usual section for Lego, here we have a one month subscription box review of Brick Loot. Which ships from the USA to the UK. It contains genuine Lego and non-genuine brick kits with some extra goodies. I am thinking of subscribing to this box, next year, so let's see what 2016 brings ! :)
Lego :: ( Let's Build )
We have a few models for your delectation this month and seasonal themed one. I have also started to change the way I do speed builds, the method is more layered and is easier to follow. I first building the model and then deconstruct it taking photos along the way. Not only is is easier, but the speed build takes a shorter amount of time.
The Santa and Xmas Tree was quite and interesting build, although I feel that Santa is a little bit delicate in places. I could definitely revise this model and make him more sturdy!
Santa, Xmas Tree and Presents
Now here's a surprise! Mario 8-Bit style from the NES Sprite, but with more 3D depth which I like to add on all my models if I can. It certainly add more character to the build as well and makes it look more interesting.
Mario 8-Bit
One of the most challenging things about this build, was obtaining the Darker Orange, but went for Reddish Brown. Some brick colours are harder or more expensive to come by. But if you are lucky, you will be able to get hold of them either from Lego Pick-A-Brick or Bricklink.
This Space Invader was an extra bonus build which I designed with the Lego Digital Designer. The only thing I would like to change with this one, is the articulated joints. Some of the pieces that formed the articulation, particularly the colour, where hard to obtain. I really liked the stand where the Invader is mounted, quite a neat idea.
Next year, 2016, I am hoping to do a least one speed build a month. I have plenty of ideas and with the aid of the Digital Designer from Lego, it makes design a whole lot easier.

The above are the speed builds for 2015 with the Transformers Autobot Light in the background showing support to the team.

On December 1st, Mrs. A and I visited Stratford-upon-Avon. Whilst there, we paid a visit to WHSmith and saw this book. It was £25 there! I thought about it, but didn't buy it. 

I later found it on Amazon for a cheaper price. The book itself is well documented and even includes a great Classic Space Ship build as well. Thoroughly recommended !

Food Glorious Food ::
With any celebration, comes food, usually, quite a lot! Mrs. A and I made sure of that this year and perhaps went crazy for the quantity of Mince Pies.
To some the Mince Pie is an acquired taste, perfect with a Coffee or Tea or just any accompanying  drink.
The above roast dinner was so nice and with the essential accompaniment of Sprouts which makes no Christmas Meal real really? Don't worry about the prop in the photo, it's not real! Well, let's hope it's not!
I can't leave out this photo of the Yorkshire Puddings, they tasted so good and didn't even deflate when removed from the oven, leaving them crispy and soft inside.

And so, as 2015 rolls up into 2016, I thought I'd leave you with this little gem. Some of you might of heard of Ashens, who has a great and very humorous YouTube channel. He decided to write a book about " Terrible Old Games You've Never Heard Of ", which I found out about from his YouTube channel. The funding for the book was via Unbound. It's a great read and carries much of Ashens personality throughout.

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