Saturday, October 24, 2015

Blinky, A Cauldron and some other Ghouls !

Here comes fall ! The Leaves are now carpeting just about everywhere around, although we haven't had any frosty mornings as yet, it has been cold enough to appreciate that autumn is truly here. I don't think I could leave home now without wearing a coat.

The month has been busy in places, but interesting. The pre-order Jurassic World arrived last Sunday via Amazon. I thought it was pretty good, in fact if you watch Jurassic Park and this movie that should be sufficient to cover the storyline from start to finish. For the word, I *LOVE* Dinosaur movies !

Games Played in October ::

Amiga :: ( Amiga Forever ) - Super Cauldron 
For some reason, back in the days of owning an Amiga, I never got around to playing Super Cauldron. Similar and expanded to the original Cauldron from Palace Software. The graphics and sound effects are pretty good, but it feels no where as good as the 8-bit versions in terms of gameplay.

Commodore 64 :: ( C64 Forever ) - Ghosts 'n Goblins
Two years ago, I started recording a mini-series where upon I played a few games on various consoles and computers. None of the games were played in full length, it was just a sample of what was on offer and in addition I had fun at same time. I never did get on the second level !

Nerd Block :: ( October 2015 ) | Tricks and Treats
Although this is a kind of Halloween themed block, I didn't think that there was quite enough related items. The T-Shirt is fantastic and I found out after recording the this video, that it also glows in the dark ! Pretty cool if you are in dimly lit room !

Lego :: ( Let's Build )
Following on from last month's Pac-Man related theme, we have another character from the classic arcade game. Blinky is one of the Ghosts that keeps the player on their toes, in the form of chasing more than anything. This certainly adds quite an edge to the game !

Next month I am hoping to return to the GameDev routine. I have made a few notes about the Menu layout for Office Worker Assault. The Title Screen will be part of it as well with some form of attract mode, which I think all games should have, if they don't already. I have some vacation time towards the end of November and early December, so there should be plenty of time to sort out a few other bits and bobs !

And with that, I leave you some Halloween related photos showcasing the Crochet handy work of Mrs. A and her Poly Juice Potion ...

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