Sunday, September 27, 2015

Waka ! Waka ! Waka ! Meow ...

And here's autumn ! The mornings haven't been as cold as expected, but the sun and rain have had a good battle in making the weather entertaining. A weather forecast is a norm in my monthly musings and an Umbrella has been required on more than one occasion.

I had a slightly busier month with more thoughts towards gamedev, Office Worker Assault popped up a few times. I think I will try and get back into things very soon and focus on other areas of the game. Perhaps some title screen and menu sections, then an approach back into the main game. At the moment it isn't as complicated as I first thought, it's just a case of what is going to interact with what.

There has been more fun with Lego, bringing some of my designs to life. Each build costs around £5-7 GBP ( excludes postage ) and is variable depending on whether the bricks are old or new. So the more complicated the build, the more it will cost.

Games Played in September ::
There is only one game I've played this month and that is Pac-Man 256 on Android. If only for a few minutes it gives you a buzz all the same. I did find the controls a little awkward at first, but picked up on them after a few plays. It's nice to see Pac-Man played in a different style, from 2D to 3D really works !
Nerd Block :: ( September 2015 ) | Hyperspace
Quite an interesting bunch of items in this month's nerdBlock including a great T-Shirt and Star Wars themed plush toy.
Lego :: ( Let's Build )
This month we have a nice selection of mock, speed builds of popular icons from arcade and computer history. Which are still current and active to this day ! I had a lot of fun building, sourcing, photographing and videoing the results. All of the builds where designed with the Lego Digital Designer from the official Lego website.
The Atari logo is iconic and known by most, if not all gamers and computer fans. My first encounter with Atari was playing Combat on my cousins Atari 2600. The graphics might have looked basic, but the gameplay was so addictive. The cost of parts
How could anyone not know what this logo is from ? The first personal experience in home computing for me was Commodore, from the the age of 13 years. Which seems a long time ago now, but the memories have stayed with me, especially the music ! I think music from the Commodore 64 gave me the passion for Electronic music, more specifically Synthesizer ! Even when I moved on to the Commodore Amiga, the style of music changed only slightly actual Samples from everyday instruments. Even though, the Commodore 64 did use Samples and are still being used today, in demonstration programs and games.
Every gamer in the world must have played Pac-Man at least once in their life. This 3D build of the well known character is how I think it would look in the form of Lego. Everyone would have their own interpretation, but this design uses the basic brick elements from my eyes. It could well be modified and may even have a revision at a later date.
Here is a little bit of what I call, Lego art, entitled " R. G. B. " or just red, green and blue bricks together with a 1x4 plate underneath to give the illusion of slight floating from the base of white background. It's simple and I like it a lot !

With next month being Halloween, I wonder if Mrs. A is going to bake something special ? A few years ago, she made a Cat Litter Tray Cake. It was truly original and did taste nice despite the theme of it !

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