Monday, August 31, 2015

Scooby Doo, Where are you ?

It's been a fairly quiet month and although I am still on hiatus with gamedev, the break is a welcoming one. I have still thought about projects, potential new and even older ones. This happened when I updated links to my Alex Aris Games website on Wix, of which all of the games now have links from one location, a public Dropbox or open shared link.

As I type today, it's a Bank Holiday and raining ! This is much as a tradition, as it is somewhat a burden, especially when you want to go out and take advantage of the extended weekend if you are lucky enough to have the day off.

British Telecom :: ( Guide to Writing Good Software )
A few days ago, I found a guide amongst some paperwork that British Telecom ( B.T. ) put together to help anyone that wanted to money with their software company, Telecomsoft. This consisted of Rainbird, Firebird and Silverbird Software. It's an interesting read and was sent to me when Phantom - The Mission was submitted to them, but was rejected. One of the reasons why, was because it was designed on the Shoot'em up Construction Kit or S.U.C.K and not S.E.U.C.K according to them !

Games Played in August ::
When you hear the name 'Mario', you instinctively think of the video game character. When I first saw Mario Run on the Commodore C64 Scene Database, I had to check it out. You can move left, right and jump, but the screen is constantly moving, so you have to keep alert !

Nerd Block :: ( August 2015 ) | Summer Mixtape
I was expecting a music related item in this month's nerdBlock and even though there wasn't one, the contents was pleasing, apart from one obscure item ...
Lego :: ( Let's Build )
When I first heard that Lego was going to releasing Scooby Doo several months ago, I found it hard to believe. But it was true and I had to decide which set to get, so I opted for the Mystery Machine, even though I had to wait a few weeks, as it was on backorder from the Lego Shop online. I really liked the build, but found placing the stickers a little bit awkward. The Tree one was touch and go, but it went on without a hitch !

I had another attempt at recording myself building a Lego kit, this time it was a Deep Sea Scuba Scooter. I took some Photos and recorded the Video with my Honor 4X Android Smart Phone, which worked out rather well.

Hopefully for next month, I will able to bring you another MOC build. The Lego bricks have been sourced and I'll taking Photos and recording a speed build Video as well. The clue is ... Gaming !

Wix :: ( Website Designer )
I mentioned earlier, that have I decided to add links to all the games on the Alex Aris Games website using Wix. I realise that there are other links to the games, but now each game has basic instructions and in some cases there is a bundle archive with multi-formats included. For examples : Mac, PC and Ubuntu. Most of the Android games can downloaded from Google Playstore. At some point in the future, I am hoping to have all of the current websites concentrated into one. This makes more sense and would be easier to maintain !

I'll leave everything up to Scooby Doo until next month ...

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