Sunday, June 28, 2015

Staycation !

Blazing June ! The rain might cool things down, then the glorious sun heats everything up again. With temperatures hitting upto 30c, the fans are blowing and cold drinks are a plenty ! I have been hit by Hayfever pretty hard this year and have had to turn to taking Antihistamines again. It's the itchy eyes and running nose that bugs me the most, with the sneezing a close second.

This month hasn't been too bad, I've felt more tired than of usual, but still found the motivation to do things even if some of the tasks have been left to the last minute. Setting up tasklists really does work and as I've mentioned before, sometimes when start working through a list, you sometimes find you'll complete the everything on it.

Assault ( Surreal Office Duties Challenge ) ::
What seems to be the longest time in history with progress, I actually pixelled a bit of furniture, which should start making an appearance during next months gamedev. So, for the moment we have an early version of a desk and chair with no other office equipment on it, not even a pencil !
This with other styles of office furniture, will be scattered on both levels. There maybe some interaction where you can move a chair, but for now we'll have to see how things turn out. I need to work out how many doors and windows are needed as well. It will be a nice idea to have a passcard system to gain entry to some of the rooms or areas. No theres an idea ! 

Games Played in June ::

Commodore 64 :: ( C64 Forever )
It's time to hit the emulator again and the key game for this month is Ghost'n Goblins Arcade brought to you by Nostalgia. This rework, if you like to call it that, is based on the original release of Ghost'n Goblins by Elite. This is an excellent attempt at squeezing in all of what the arcade offered, but alas I can't get off level one without cheating !

Nerd Block :: ( June 2015 )
This month's Nerd Block theme was 'British Invasion', containing Dr. Who, Mr. Bean and Monty Python items. Great stuff !
Lego :: ( Let's Build )
Coming in contact with Lego bricks has become a regular thing for me since December last year and even more so now. The desire grew more during January and now each month, I try and pick up a few bricks and build. If pocket money permits, I'll buy a new set or dig out a previously purchased one and build it again. I think the Creator series is good, as each set usually has three different models to make or you can use your imagine and have a go at building a design to your own liking.

During June I bought an old Legoland Car and Caravan set from 1973 via a Bricklink seller. Bricklink is a great site where you can buy and sell Lego, either in single or multiple brick form or sets and instructions etc. There are many sellers across the world, so this way of getting Lego is a good alternative to using eBay or other online stores.
With a bit of help from the amazing Lego Digital Designer, I was able to create a hommage to this 40 year old set. The only problem I encountered, was that the ID for certain bricks had changed in some circumstances, so when it came to sourcing bricks, I had to make sure the search criteria was correct. I bought 95% of the bricks from Pick-A-Brick, part of the Lego Store and a few other bricks from Bricklink.
I am quite pleased with the overall result and plan to do a version 2 of this model at some point. Perhaps I can make the Car and Caravan big enough for a Lego mini-figure ? I think that would be pretty neat ! The cost of the bricks was about £9 with a little more added for postage. If the set was available online or in the shops, it would be probably the same price.

Commodore is Awesome :: ( CIA )
A few weeks ago, 6th June to be exact, Kitty from the Commodore is Awesome group on Facebook, asked whether anyone wanted to contribute towards the CIA sites with either childhood rambles or maybe game reviews. I contacted Kitty and submitted an article entitled 'Where it all began'. Although the submission was a bit short, it brought back even more memories and those of when I owned a Commodore Amiga. Both the Commodore 64 and Amiga encouraged a lot of creativity, as well as gaming.
I also got inspired to design a logo for CIA, using CharPad by Subchrist Software. This neat piece of software allows you to design Sprites, Characters and Backgrounds within a PC environment then export them to a format of choice, including Commodore.
The style is similar to the Ocean software logo and uses just the normal two set colours and one changeable for each 8x8 character, plus ofcourse the background colour.

Wix :: ( Website Designer )
I stumbled across a very cool online website designer this month, it's called Wix ! It truely is an amazing site giving you the capability of putting together website with no HTML coding experience. I am hoping to eventually migrate all of my websites or two, to one soon. As a test to myself, I spent a couple of days, just by spending a few minutes here and there to create an Alex Aris Games site.
The website covers most of what games there are available with a softography going right back to 1988/9 where it all began.
Staycation ::
It's where you mostly stay at or are nearby home. I have another few days off soon, eight glorious working days to be exact. I'll be able to catch up on some sleep, get some fresh air, do a bit of gamedev and all the usual other activities that roll with it. But never forgetting to get the laundry done as well ! I am guessing they'll be some late nights in there somewhere to add to the mix !

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