Saturday, May 30, 2015

Self Preservation Society

Here we are almost bouncing out of May and into June which was mostly about building. I have to confess that I did less gamedev this month than I originally planned to do. I set myself some task lists and completed all of them, but kept them short.

I found a bug in Bump, which crashed the game when the counter reached zero. This fix was rolled for Android, but I am not sure it has affected other platforms. The problem occurs when a non-existent named object is deactivated or attempted to be. I will try and get this fixed for PC and Ubuntu, as far as I can remember, Bump wasn't released on MAC.

Assault ( Surreal Office Duties Challenge ) ::
Very little was done this month, which disappoints me to a degree. However, one of the larger tasks is coming up and that is the graphic design for the background tiles with the two large play areas. I worked a little on the main player sprite and edit it to a more desired design.
Over the coming weeks, I will make a start on the tiles and background objects like furniture ( i.e tables and chairs ). I am sure it won't too long until you'll see the main character shooting the heck out of Zombies and the like !

Games Played in May ::

Ridge Racer ( PS Vita ) ::
I first played Ridge Racer on a Playstation back in the 1990's and loved the game to bits. I can remember the cornering being a little tight, but if you managed to brake and turn you could easily drive at speed to save on time. This version for the PS Vita is nicely polished and great racing game !
Subscription Boxes ::

Nerd Block :: ( May 2015 )
This month's Nerd Block theme was Ani-May ( Anime ) and contained some great items, including a Funko Pop! Vinyl figure and great T-Shirt from Shirt Punch.

Lego :: ( Let's Build )

Creator Mini Cooper  ( 10242 ) ::
Most of us have seen the film original film The Italian Job starring Michael Caine, Noel Coward and Benny Hill amongst most of the actors. To me the most impressive role or part was of the Mini ! When I saw this model on the Lego website, I turned Sofa over and shook it a few times and ordered kit. I have to say it is the best model I have ever built with Lego, which took about five hours with a break for lunch. I only wish the front wheels could be steered, but apart from that, it's great !

The prices do vary for this model, Lego and Amazon differ. To some it's a lot of money, but to date I think of the amount of bricks and theme justifies the cost of £74.99. Just wait until it becomes a rarity, the prices will be ridiculous !

I have noticed on eBay you can buy extra sets of stickers for specific models. I think this is a good idea if you want a spare set or wish to part with your model and sell it complete at a later date. Stickers are a bit of a bind, but they do add character to a final build.

Here comes summer ...

Next month brings the yearly Tennis tourmenent at Wimbledon. Players from a over the world compete and to watch even a few minutes of a match is enough to leave you  on the edge of your seat. Although, by tradition rain sometimes stops play or matches go into play towards early evening. I wonder if Andy Murray will do well this year ?

Hopefully, next month there will be a bit more progression with gamedev. Which brings me on the subject of game I designed back in 2009 called Lightbulb Luke. I successfully managed to do a play through video this month and complete the game without cheating. Over the coming months, I am planning to do more videos. It is always interesting to see what ideas I had years ago and seeing the game in action.

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