Saturday, February 28, 2015

Snow, Subscription Boxes and No Sleep !

Blimey ! February has flown by with the visitation of some snow, more subscription boxes and for one day only this month, no sleep ! It must be a few years now since we had a reasonable amount of snow, but for this month it's arrival wasn't fully forecast and overnight most of the south of England had covering.

The above photos were taking just after 6am in the morning as I was clearing the snow from my car and headed off to work. The amount that fallen wasn't really enough to cause much of a problem, but it did catch a few people out. Drive to the conditions is always the best idea !

For some reason, beyond me, I didn't sleep for a whole night a few days ago. Yet, I still managed to get up and prepare myself for work. When I got home that night, I did sleep for about an hour solidly and was snoring quite loudly, according to Mrs. A. You'll be pleased to know, that I slept better that night. Perhaps some random thought caused the sleeping problem ? There are worst sufferers out there with sleeping issues, it's not a nice experience !

Assault ( Surreal Office Duties Challenge ) ::
I've started work on the very basics, with only the main characters movement and firing ability for good measure. The two areas of play or outlined levels have been completed, but there is really nothing else at the moment. I set myself a task list for February : 1. Setup Project - 2. Basic Map of two Floors - 3. Player with Basic Movement. This has been acheived.
For the month of March, I have to implement ememies that fire to follow the player and have a mini map somewhere on the screen, probably of the right. This will help, the playing area is quite big. At the moment, I am not sure wether a collectable map or perminate one is better.

The task lists don't seem to be very long, I am just setting myself realistic goals, as I basically don't do any gamedev during the working week, only at weekends, days off or if a I have a time to spare. If I can squeeze in any other time, I usually try to.

Games Played in February ::

PS Vita ::
Alien Breed ::
Now, for those of you that remember, Alien Breed was originally on the Commodore Amiga. It plays and feels the same, but with some extras thrown in. For some reason, I can't help but think of the Gauntlet when I play. It's funny really ! Despite my crazy connective thinking with Gauntlet, Alien Breed is an excellent game and should be checked out. I just love the graphics and effects !

Subscription Boxes ::

Arcade Block :: ( January 2015 )
Arcade Block is part of the Nerd Block range of subscription boxes. January's arrived in February and contained some interesting items. So, in the continuing style for unboxing in 2015 ...

Nerd Block :: ( February 2015 )
This months collection of goodies is themed around, exclusives. This box arrived before the end of February and I loved this month's T-Shirt !

Lego ::
Also, during this month, I managed to get hold of some more Lego. One kit was a gift from Mrs. A for Valentines Day and the other got whilst out on a shopping trip.

The next Lego kit is what I call, unusual. It's like a creature-monster-thingy and certainly could be part of a cartoon series if it isn't already !

Whilst still on the subject of Lego, I was trying out an experiment where I could get away with not using the orignal stickers that came with a specific kit. We'll I managed to work out how do this ...
  • Scan the original Sticker Set at 300dpi
  • Import scanned image into Photoshop or desired paint program
  • Tidy up image
  • Print onto Glossy Film Adhesive Paper
  • Cut out on Cutting Board using Craft Knife ( Be Careful )
  • Carefully lift up stickers and place on model
Quite amazingly, the quality is superb ... Here is one I printed from a Shell Tanker Lego Kit !

I have a few more to print and cut, so hopefully next month I will be able to show the cut out and placed replicated stickers.

Kre-o ::
Here's a surprise ! I ordered this Kre-o kit from Japan several weeks ago and it arrived. The kit isn't too bad actually, pity it doesn't fully Transform ...

So, that wraps up the month of February with it's goings on. It has been interesting to say the least and I am hoping that next month will bring more in the hobbyist sense. I wouldn't mind collecting some Pop Funko Vinyl Figures just specific ones. I think they are less than £15 GBP, so perhaps a couple ? The Batman and Back to the Future models look great !

Until next time ...
Better Call Saul !

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