Thursday, November 27, 2014

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Despite the weather turning that bit cooler and now the frosty mornings are upon us, it really has been a productive month. Not only did I manage to release Super Bump on Android, I worked out through trial and error how to implement advertising banners. There is also a couple of retro related items to show and tell as well.

Bugsy Reloaded ::
After getting Super Bump out of the way, I am planning to look over the menu system during the next few days. It will help having the first week off in December, which I've been looking forward to for months. Apart from a few other tweaks, as I may have mentioned before, that's all there is to do. The game is looking pretty sharp really and I can't wait for it to be released.

Super Bump ::
To be honest, I really surprised myself here. In the time it took me to produce and the puzzles in trying to work out how to implement adverts. I felt a few parts were cryptic, but with a bit of persistence it all worked out. I tweaked the main character a little, giving a more generous amount of curves around the face.
Version 1
Version 3

Version 2

Version 1 : Cute and it looked really cool with an animated face, but on the flip-side, a little creepy. 

Version 2 : A smoother look here with glasses, but the box like shape was a bit too much.

Version 3 : By adding more curves and shading where appropriate, I think I nailed it here.

Super Bump is the first *ever*  app / game to feature a form of advertising banner screen and although some of us really hate them, they aren't really that bad. Just as long they are placed in sensible areas. If you didn't already know, full screen pop-up adverts can be quit by simply pressing the *back* button on your Smartphone or Tablet device.

Of course, without advertising in this world for products, we really wouldn't know what was available, if that makes any kind of sense? It also means, that some things we take for granted, like free radio and television stations. Okay, it really is a pain to listen and watch until your programme starts again, but at least it is free. Also, advertising funds a lot, even though the advertisers get paid in return. Both parties benefit in this way ! 

Games Played in November ::

All Retro Systems ::
Well, I have played a few retro games this month, thanks to the JXD S5700B that I purchased from Funstock. They have a fantastic range of retro gaming goodies available well worth checking out!
The JXD S5700B is an awesome 7" Android Tablet with game controls, which means you can play supported and emulator types of games. Currently, just to list a few, I have an Amiga ( UAE4ALL - Purchase the *OFFICIAL* Amiga ROMs as well ), C64 ( C64emu ) and ZX Spectrum emulator ( Marvin ). There are many more emulators you can add, even a MAME one. I have definitely had a lot of fun with this device with many more hours to come I bet. I did have a spot of bother with an older version of Google Play Store app, but once that updated to v5.x.x, everything was smoother running. I am so *very* happy with this device, well worth the money !

Tea, Coffee or whatever ? ::
Say hello to my beverage container, sorry ! I mean mug ! It's a fun loving homage to retro gaming and keeps the mood even tempered, well for me anyway. A bargain, less than £10, including shipping from Amazon.
Upgrade Time ::
This upgrade is in the form of a car, it was a bit overdue, still nevertheless, a deserved one. With thanks to my cousin, Mark, I was able to purchase a nice 2011 Renault Twingo Pzaz. The mileage is low and has low carbon emissions, meaning vehicle tax is low too, £30. Much cheaper than the Citreon Saxo, that was £140 per year, but was an older 1999 model.

The driving experience is just superb ! Changing gear has never been such a pleasure and it is good to have power steering back. The Citreon Saxo's failed over six months ago and although it was okay to drive, it was such a pain to park, more like maneuvering a brick or tank.

And so, next month is December and as we edge closer to the end of 2014, I sincerely hope that Bugsy Reloaded is finished. I am keen to get it up and ready on Android and PC for sure. With seemingly little to do, it will be interesting to see how things pan out. Next year, I was hoping to dust off Barriers and do another gaming project. I will keep you posted on my thoughts and progress !

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