Sunday, October 26, 2014

Mystery Mini Game Revamp Revealed ...

Whoosh ! Goodbye October, you certainly kept me on my toes. It wasn't a dull month at all, just busy in most areas. So, can I relax now ? Just a little bit I suppose. You'll be pleased to hear I actually did some gamedev this month, the new mini project is nearly complete, only a few cosmetic changes to apply. The tail end menu system on Bugsy Reloaded is still being worked on, but not forgotten. Let's break down what's been going on this month ...

Bugsy Reloaded ::
I promised myself to do some work on Bugsy Reloaded this month, but kind of failed. There have been a number of distractions. However, I think because it is near the end of the project, I know it will only take a few hours to complete the last few tasks. A good tip for any project undertaking, is to write down a task list and tick off each task as they are completed. You'll usually find that you will do more on the list once started. Better set up that task list now ...

Super Bump :: ( mini game revamp of  Bump )
Ah ! So, those extra bits of time were spent working on this project ? Naughty-naughty ! It has been fun though and a nice distraction. Super Bump is based on Bump, but has been modified for continuous game play and some nice touches. For the moment, until sometime November, I present some screenshots.

I am hoping to add a couple of discrete advert banners at the bottom of the screen during the game, which may happen for release or through an update. The game will of course be *FREE* and the type of game you can pick and play anytime. The challenge is to last a full 60 seconds and beat your previous score and last round played. There are couple graphical changes I might make between now and then, they are the main character, collectable orbs and bombs, this would be to make them a bit more defined. So look out for this one in November on Android, Ubuntu and Windows, and maybe on Mac OS X.

Games Played in October ::

Unfortunately, I didn't play any games at all this month, not even on portable devices. I was kind of hoping that the special edition of Drive Club would be released for Playstation Plus members in the UK, but this has been delayed by technical issues. Perhaps next month and maybe I should play a few more games ?

Just in, this month ::

Space Invader Lamp ::
As a novelty item and to get inspired while I do gamedev, I decided to order a retro lamp. It's a Space Invader one that can either be static or pulse.
I bought the lamp from Firebox, which sells different gift items to suite every taste and price. They are well worth checking out !

Commodore 64 Commpendium ::
I missed out for some reason when this book was originally on Kickstarter, but thankfully I was able to buy a copy from Funstock. They also ship worldwide !
This book is full of great screenshots of from games on the Commodore 64 in early 1980's to just recent. Also, look out for the Commodore Amiga : a visual Commpendium on Kickstarter.

The month of November will hopefully bring lots of updates, including an upgrade outside of the gamedev stable, which has been needed for the last couple of years. Yes ! There will be photos to prove it as well and maybe a video ?

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