Sunday, September 28, 2014

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Have you ever experienced procrastination to the point of something being left or attended so long, it feels like it's been abandoned ? At the moment, it feels like this with a few things during this month of September. I am not sure if the tiredness of each working week with commuting on top, has anything to do with it ? Don't worry though, my passion for game making hasn't completely withered away. I guess I need to relax more and worry less, remembering that we can't control everything in life.

Bugsy Reloaded ::
I have to confess, no new or additional work has been done on Bugsy this month. Thinking back to other projects, there always seems to be a delay. Apart from further tweaks to the menu system, a bit more play testing and a couple of additional sound effects, it's pretty much good to go. I think I'll have to play around with the Android port slightly, mainly with the menu buttons, but the main code remains the same. With every new project, I always learn something new !

React ::
This project has now been abandoned. After reviewing the structure of the game, it's potential workings were clones of similar based games. It is difficult to come up with a totally original idea for a game, without it containing elements or ideas from elsewhere. Never mind !

Games Played in September ::

Velocity 2X ( PS4 and PS Vita ) ::
This game is like an expansion to Velocity Ultra with colourful additional graphics, a more chilled game soundtrack and easy to full into game play. I have only reached level 8 and even though I haven't achieved 100% completion of each, I still feel like I've progressed somewhere. The difficulty is set just right, not so much you get so frustrated and through the controller down. The added bonus of cross-save makes it a joy to pick up again from either PS4 or PS Vita !

So, it appears that September has been a quiet month indeed. I am sure things will pick up again, as life and spare time usually lulls now and again. October should hopefully bring some form of an update game dev wise, including an idea for a pre-existing mini game with a little bit of a revamp !   

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