Sunday, July 27, 2014

Let the 'Music' play !

" Oh ! The humidity ! " said I. Not to begrudge the hot weather, just the level of humidity. I am loving the weather really, beats the cold and dreariness of late autumn and winter. Although, I do like snow, just as long as there isn't too much of it. Now, with the weather out of the way, what has been happening this month ?

Firstly, I must confess that I haven't played a game for more than a few minutes, perhaps a few retro Commodore 64 games from the CSDb ( The C-64 Scene Database ), but nothing on a Console, Mobile Device or PC. Probably a first, its been more about going outside and getting fresh air, plus the obvious bit of work on Bugsy Reloaded. Also, the Barriers phased or sequence of shooting is now working, so when Bugsy Reloaded is near completion, I will move on to this.

Bugsy Reloaded ::
The latest update is kind of special, because I have added some music and sound effects. The music was actually composed around ten years ago by Darren Izzard. Not only did he give me Midi files, but also MP3 ones too ! Factoid : Did you know Darren did a remix cover of the Commodore 64 Monty on the Run tune with vocals ? Well, yes ! I also had a go penning some lyrics, worth a listen to if you have a few minutes.

Life really has been added to the game with music and sound effects, in places the volume may need to be tweaked. Perhaps the cloudlines need slowing down in places ? The sound effects were created by myself using a sound recorder on my Google LG Nexus 4 and edited with Audacity. There maybe an opportunity for some additional remixes of the original game music, at the moment we will have to wait and see ! ( excited )

Apart from some more testing and tweaking, Bugsy Reloaded looks to be on its way to being completed by the end of 2014. If there are any delays along the way, I'll let you all know !

Barriers ::
After a few delays, I have finally got around to sorting out the sequence routine. The previous routine did work, but it was long and basically wasted several objects in the process. Without realising, what I wanted to do was very similar to the Simon memory game from the 1970's.

Amazingly, I found an fantastic Simon Says Example on the YoYo Games Game Maker Community Forum by Desert Dog ( currently Retired Staff ). Not only is the example straight forward, but it uses arrays. I changed the code to suit the mechanics of Barriers and it worked ! Examples and tutorials are an excellent way to help understand how a routine works, a bit like a good teacher educating students. It should all make sense in the end !

I have some holiday ( vacation ) days coming up soon, this will be an opportune time to catch up on rest and recuperation. There will be some gamedev mixed in for good measure and hopefully, some time spent on playing video games. Looking back to when I was 13 years old and playing lots of video games and being creative on my Commodore 64, things really have changed much. Apart from being married that is and this year marks my tenth anniversary to Mary ! Awe !

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