Monday, June 30, 2014

Just an Intro

Nearly time to leap into July ! It has been an interesting month with a new game played, a visit to a previously played one and a goodbye to a piece of hardware. This may well mean a close down to one part of gamedev, but then, it might not ?

The first of July also signifies 10 years of marriage to Mrs. A ! Our lives shared together is not only an adventure, but also a story. Some name parts of their life a Roller Coaster or perhaps a Ferris Wheel ride, because you are on for the duration. Hold in there !

The Apple MacBook Air that I bought as a Grade A from last year, has been sold. Although, the time in cross developing for the Mac was an interesting one, I felt a bit put off by it at times. So, rather than the occasional use and gathering of dust, I put it on Gumtree.
Bugsy Reloaded ::
I got a nice small number of bits completed this month, including a near as finished intro and other touches. I have yet to put together a game complete screen. The original Bugsy just had the title screen logo bouncing around with some music playing in the background.

Look out for the collectable Coins splitting and bouncing into four, a Duck blinking and few other touches. Also, the bonus Apple collecting stage looks fun! The music and sound effects may well make an audio appearance next month. This should bring the game more to life !

Games played in June ::

Grand Truckismo ( Ouya ) ::
I paid another visit to an Ouya game this month, Grand Truckismo. I got another sub section completed and a bit more frustrated as well. This may well be caused by the want and need to do better, push ahead and eventually complete the game. Just give me TIME !

Surge Deluxe ( PS Vita ) ::
Damn ! This game is *so* addictive and very pleasing to play at the same time. Just join up those colours, two, three or more at a time and you are away ! Even though I never can achieve high scores like some on the global tables, I think its enough as a contribution at least.
Look ! I scored a few points !
Bit in between ::
I would like to mention something about Shaun Spalding, who is an active gamedev guy with a passion for creating some pretty amazing and understandable tutorials for use with Game Maker from YoYo Games. He has currently got a Patreon campaign active, so go and check it out !

Barriers ::
Over the last couple of weeks I have been thinking about this game more, as Bugsy Reloaded is entering a potential completion of phase one. Phase two being constant playing and testing with more touches. I have decided to set the theme to space with stars and moons as backgrounds, which I may well of mentioned before. Thankfully, I think I might have figured out how to use a phased shooting of barriers. More about this next month, as I try and get this bit working.

In taking time with an hour to spare over a week or even weekend, I have really seen myself enjoying gamedev more. I can remember a few years ago, when I spent each year creating up to three games a year, even though I would spend much more time over a period of a few months. I think I have got the balance right, just like I intended to. I know many other gamedevs can spend many, many hours creating games. If I had more spare time, I would myself, but life and work have to be prioritised. Oh ! Well ! But, hey ! Keep smiling !

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