Friday, May 30, 2014

Go Compare !

This month has been a little quiet with hardly any games being played, well ... one for sure ! Even gamedev has been slow, but it has been done, in tiny chunks. There is also some comparing with the original Bugsy against Bugsy Reloaded. It is quite clear to see what nearly ten years of experience in routines and game design can do.

Bugsy Reloaded ::
Over the last few weeks I have been comparing the original Bugsy with Bugsy Reloaded. Next year will mark ten years since designing the original Bugsy and same amount in years of being a user of Game Maker. My first attempt was an unknowing one with no clue as to how structured a game could be and without the use of variables, you wouldn't be able to have scores or counting of collectable objects. In fact, nothing would work at all ! I would imagine that one of the most complicated of games would be an RPG one, just thinking of hundreds or even thousands of variables, is enough to make your mind boggle.

Another noticeable problem, bug or even feature from the original Bugsy, was the collision detection or lack of use using Masks. From what I understand, a Mask adds an invisible layer beneath or in front of an object which can used to define a boundary. Without this, the results in collision detection would not be as expected.
The example above with area circled in red, clearly shows that a mask isn't present and our character, Bugsy seems to be hanging from an antenna, but obviously should have fallen onto the platform below. If  a mask was present, Bugsy would have collided with the base of the cloud. With a change in routines for Bugsy Reloaded, you can now jump through the clouds and a mask is present.
The video demonstrates the difference in game play between Bugsy and Bugsy Reloaded. Although, the platformer concept still exists, its the additional touches and slight difference in looks that separates them. You will also notice that Bugsy is less rigid in Bugsy Reloaded, again, this is part of the learning curve over the years. I have been working on the intro this month as well, which will hopefully have a little bit of interactivity. There is also a basic bonus stage that will appear after each season ( every four levels ), this is will give an advantage of gaining more points. At the moment, I am not sure whether to put a timer in or not ? Perhaps some objects to avoid would be better ?

Games Played in May ...

TxK ( PS Vita ) ::
I thought I would have a another session on this wonderful Jeff Minter game and thrashed my rather poor score of less than 50,000 from last time. The wonderful array of colours definitely keeps the eyes occupied. This game keeps stress at bay for me, whilst tripping to the light fantastic !
Enter the Groove Tube
He Shoots ! He Scores !
I suppose in keeping with playing games or rather troubleshooting, I thought I'd mention an issue with updating my Sony PS4. A few days ago, I powered up the console and noticed that there was update, version 1.70. So, in trusting with a Sony product, I proceeded. After a few minutes and a couple of reboots, the PS4 presented itself like this ...
After being advised to boot into safe mode, I checked over a few settings and slowly adjusted the video output settings to 1080p. This still failed, until I repeated the process and found out that the previous update allowed up to 1080p, but now only 1080i was allowed. However, on the same day, there was an update for my 32" Sony Smart TV, which is less than six months old. Currently, I am not sure if the TV had caused the issue ( unlikely ) or the PS4 update ( likely ). I would gather that amongst the driver settings for the PS4, it detects to see what type of TV is connected. But for this to happen to a Sony TV is quite bizarre. Well, at least it is working now, even if my original thoughts believed that the console had gone into a bricked state. From what I have read on forums and watched on YouTube, the 1.70 update has caused a few issues. Gamers just want their consoles working and shouldn't have to worry about anything not working. You'd have thought that an update would be tested on various PS4 consoles with random games installed and different software update states by the PS4 development team ? If an estimated small percentage encounter the error then that's alright then ? Not if you decide to return the console because an update has rendered the hardware as a defective product withing its warranty ?

May has really turned out to be a month where I have resolved a few issues with hardware, a real tech month. A TomTom Satnav I own issued an update and it somehow wiped all of the maps from the Start25 model I have. In the end, I had to re-install the firmware and maps again, that will be twice in six months. In addition, the Toshiba Laptop had Windows login failure message on Windows Vista, which was remedied by doing a system restore to previous point. Now, this problem is common and I know probably a dozen other incidents of this happening. Again, this more than likely happens through an update. Perhaps it really is difficult to get a 100% success rate on every piece of hardware with operating systems ? From my experience, it is annoying and frustrating. For a beginner or novice, it must be unforgivable and many pieces of hardware would probably be launched into orbit or haven't already !

Next month I hope to bring a sneak preview of the intro for Bugsy Reloaded and the bonus screens. I have also been thinking about the Barriers game, perhaps it should be space themed ?

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