Friday, April 25, 2014

Let's Talk about the Weather !

Come rain or shine, you can always start a conversation about the weather. April has brought a good mix with a thunderstorm or two thrown in for good measure. Despite this, it has been an interesting month with an attendance to a retro gaming event and the usual bit of gamedev.

Bugsy Reloaded ::
A nice chunk of work has been done this month, a random positioned end of level object " Duck " to collect, Rain and Snow levels, a Pause Mode, a basic Title Screen layout and a working Bugsy jump action. I had this nearly perfected last month, but after some puzzling around checking gravity and variable settings, I finally got it working. Compared to the original Bugsy jumping action, which to be honest, was rather lifeless. At least Bugsy Reloaded has more life and character now ! The other effects I particularly like, are the Rain and Snow effects from Level 11 onwards. Part of the routine for this was used back in 2009 on Lightbulb Luke - Maintenance Man. There is a working build on Android now, just a few variable checks here and there so that most of the same operations remain unchanged.

The Cloudline routine has been removed for the time being, but *may* make a return with the level of clouds reduced. I changed the depth of Bugsy with the clouds so that there is an element of realism whilst walking through them. I am thinking of adding, amongst other final touches, puffs of cloud during contact. This all can be added towards the end, but will make the game look more interesting.

At long last, the collision detection has been fully switched on, so energy can now be depleted and lives lost as well. At present, I can only reach Level 7 without loosing a life and then it all goes downhill from there !  I am not sure if I will put in full stage saving progress option at the moment, perhaps just a save slot ?

Games Played in April ...

A Bit of Everything ::
Just as the sub headings reads really, there were two retro gaming events held in April 2014. The first was ROM at the White House Pub on April 5th and 6th, which is pretty regularly held in Oxford. I was unfortunately unable to attend, even if it was only a couple of miles from my HQ. There is plenty to do and see at this event with lots of retro gaming, home brew games and the ability to have some food and a beer or whatever your favourite drink is ! The video below was taken by Kieren Hawken and gives you a flavour of what was at the recent event.

The event was previously named Retrovision, but has been relaunched with a new name. Some of the regular team are also in attendance. Much of the atmosphere remains the same and with the passion of gaming at heart, you can see why retro gaming events are loved all over the U.K or world even.

The second retro gaming event was held at Snibston Discovery Museum, Coalville, Leicestershire by Retro Computer Museum on Easter Good Friday 18th April until Easter Holiday Monday 21st April. Only Saturday 19th April was attended.
Mrs. A and I have attended this event for a few years now, even though it is about 90 miles from Oxford, it gives us the chance to see a different part of the country and even more retro computers than ever before !
Me - during play on the Retro Computer Museum iCade Mini-Cab
During this time I played a numerous retro computers, a mini arcade cab, a racing car arcade machine and lots more, more than what I can remember ! Here is a video taken by myself from part of the event with music from Manic Miner covered by Max Hall and Trev Parsons.

We had a fun day out at this event and the weather wasn't too bad at all ! Although, we didn't venture outside and mainly stayed inside, only breaking for comfort breaks and visits to the café. One of the highlights of the day, was when Mrs. A and I saw a Duck and Ducklings cross a semi-busy A43 towards Northampton. I am pleased to say they made it and no-one was harmed ! Bless them !

I suspect by the end of May, gamedev wise, most of the intermediate text screens will be completed with Bugsy Reloaded. Perhaps I should start on the intro for the game ? Although, there are more bits to do ! I love this hobby called ... gamedev !

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