Friday, January 31, 2014

Getting Stuck In !

My, hasn't January just flown by ? It only seems like yesterday since typing up the last post ! Well, over the past few weeks I have been getting stuck into starting and prepping for some some of the goals I mentioned last year. Bugsy has now been titled as " Bugsy - Reloaded ". The mini-game has been titled as " React " and " Barriers " is still awaiting a dust off continuing from where I left off. You'll be pleased to know, that I have also played a few games this month as well. So, here's what I have been up to this month ...

Bugsy - Reloaded ::
An almost final set of sprites and object for the main character, Bugsy has been designed with a few extra interactive sprites and objects, such as a Coin and some background tiles. I have almost perfected the movement for Bugsy, even though jumping is a little tight in places. Each week, mostly during a weekend, I have tried to revamp some of the original sprites from Bugsy. This has been quite an enjoyable job and forecasting much further down the road of this project, I can see pleasing results.

As I do a task, I have been keeping a note in a mini gamedev diary. It is more like a one line entry per project and task. Over time, it should prove to be an interesting read, just to see how much much has been done and what challenges were encountered at that time. I will post this every now and then, just to give a flavour of my work pattern.

React ( mini-game ) ::
Yes ! The mini-game has a title and I have at least sourced a font for it. Previous and future fonts will be used from the Ultimate Font website. The 10,000 fonts are licensed from the font designers and can be used in free or commercial projects. I always try and credit any sourced material, as a matter of courtesy.

Barriers ::
We are still in hiatus mode with this project. I need to investigate more about using arrays, as the first sub-part of the game uses this method. It's a bit like a memory section, rather like the Simon game. Instead of having to press the buttons that light up in a certain order, you have to do a different sequenced task.

This game was initially designed for touch screen devices, but will be fully interactive via mouse and touchpad on Laptop and PC's. It will be available on Mac, Ubuntu and Windows for the moment. I really like the menu system and style, it is both clean and functional. Some features aren't working at the moment, but soon will be !

Games Played in January ...
Around gamedev time, I have been playing a few games as well. During the weekends mostly and on several platforms. The longest period of time so far, is two hours ! I really got lost in the moment, but enjoyed every moment of it. Here are the games that I have been playing in January ...

Fez ( PC ) ::
I first bought this on Xbox 360, but since parting with the console, I now play it on PC through Steam. The look and feel is just the same, you will loose many a minute or hour with this one. The last time I played it, in the first week of January 2014, it was for two hours. That's about 17% through the game.

Mutant Mudds ( PC )  ::
This game was originally released on the Nintendo 3DS and is now available on a variety of platforms, which is good for any released title. The length of time in playing this one varies, a quick burst here and there. I bought this one through, Steam. It's a great little platformer with an awesome retro feel !

Tiny Hawk ( PS Vita ) ::
This little gem popped up as a *free* bonus download on Christmas day via PlayStation Plus. It's basically a Skateboarding, platformer style game. It's simple, but very addictive ! This one also keeps the retro style feel going !

Lego Marvels ( PS4 ) ::
This is the first game on disc I own for the PS4 and it is, absolutely ... AWESOME ! Both in graphics and game play, but let us not forget about the cinematic music score throughout. I think I have played this for about 3 to 4 hours at the moment. Even though I haven't got very far, but at least I've completed the Sand Central stage !

Olli Olli ( PS Vita ) ::
Ouch ! That hurts ! In reality it would, but not with this great little game. A nice fully featured gem, carrying lots of stages and tricks to master. Even though I do tend to slam down more on the ground, over time, I should hopefully get better.


Nun Attack ( PS Vita ) ::
An obscure title and I have only played it for a few minutes to be honest. I think I need to pick this one up again and see how far I can get. It is more tap to move and shoot !

This month has been pretty active really, especially with regards to playing some games and a bit of gamedev here and there. The key thing is, to do bitesize chunks of gamedev or more if I want to. A few years ago, I spent a bit too long and got a tad stressed. When I say, " Stressed ", I mean trying to cram in too much during the day. Spacing it out over a few weeks or months etc is much better and easier to manage. This also leaves more time to do other activities and of course, rest !

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