Monday, December 24, 2012

Slow to a 'Pause' and playing some ... GAMES !

Well, a couple of months have gone by and development wise,  I've slowed down to an almost stop or pause if you may. What with the return to work after ill health and the run up to the end of year holidays, life has kind of got in the way a bit. Although, at the beginning of November, I got an Xbox 360 Slim and I am liking the experience so far. Even though I only play it for a couple of hours a week, it has a wealth of games, both to buy and free to play. Plus, other cool apps, like on demand music and video content.
A couple of years ago, I owned a Sony Playstion 3. After nearly 10 months of owning it, I sold it. However, I would like to see the Xbox being with me for a lot longer. There is enough to play and see with it for quite a while I think.

So, if I haven't been developing, what kind games have I been playing on the Xbox ? Well, here are a few of my favourites so far  ...

Pixelosity ::

This game is so, so addictive ! It has the look of an 8-Bit Atari game with all of the adrenaline rush of a frantic shoot'em up you would expect. Well worth playing and paying for this one !

Fez ::

One of the games featured in the 'Indie Game Movie', which you must buy or watch. Very compelling and a real inspiration to any would be or current independent game developer. You really begin to realise how much stress and strain goes into making a game, even if only one or two persons are involved with a project. Against, the sometimes tens or hundreds in bigger game companies.

I have only played this for one hour, but have enjoyed ever minute of it so far. Who could not like a game with a character that wears a 'Fez' hat ?

Trials HD ::

I both 'hate' and 'love' this game at the same time. The thrill of making it across a course only to be angered by jumping or landing too short, thus resulting in quitting the game after several failed attempts whilst screaming colourful metafores at the Television. Trials Evolution is even better with a more outside feel, against being locked up in a rather larger warehouse.

I must admit, playing Trials Evolution resulted in me being less frustrated and tempered than Trials HD. Perhaps the open air environment helped ? It definitely helped with the gameplay anyway, much more interesting. When I played the game, I instantly thought of 'Kickstart', a trials programme back in the 1970's and 1980's on BBC TV.

There was also an early taste of this, in the form of 'Kikstart' on the Commodore 64 back in the 1980's from Shaun Southern.

The buzz and flashback of playing game, certainly came flooding whilst playing the Trials series of games on the Xbox 360.

There are a few more games that I have played, many were demos, like ; Super Meat Boy, Sega Rally, Daytona USA, Afterburner Climax and many others. It is just a case of buying ones I will want to play a lot, I am sure that time will come soon.

As well as playing on Xbox games, I have played a few on the PC and on Android. On the PC, Super Meat Boy and Death Ray Manta. Both are superb indie games, oozing with game play and special effects !

Super Meat Boy ::

Although, there are times you may get frustrated playing 'Super Meat Boy', an urge to get that bit further succumbs you and you'll end up playing it for a further half-hour. Until the need to stop occurs and your game controller saves itself from being thrown at the nearest wall or hard surface. Jump and slide, just jump and slide and get to your girlfriend, as soon as the sweat from playing it allows you to ! Just be determined ! You've got to do it I tell you !

Death Ray Manta ::

A visually stunning game with insane amount of bullets at your disposal. You will get drawn into this game, the colours will do it, you will be hypnotically tranced and the world around you will not exist until either you need to visit the bathroom or there is a powercut. I would best describe the visual effects like an orgy of colour, I assure you, you will not be disappointed with 'Death Ray Manta' !

The Android platform has been getting some gameplay love too, here a just a few games that I have been playing over the last few weeks ...

Retro Racing ::

Although the above video was based on the Apple app, this game plays and feels the same on Android. It reminds me of the Amiga games back in the 1990's with lots of colour and great game play. Retro Racing is well worth a play and pay !

Lagertron ::

I was involved with the playtesting 'Lagerton' and what a great game it is too ! Based on Robotron, you must blast your way through 40 levels of shoot'em up action ! The Google Play Store blurb says it all ... 

" The evil aliens of planet Lagertron have invaded the pub. Their mission : drink all the beer !Only one hero can stand against this menace : the Mighty Beerman ! Powered by his insatiable thirst, Earth's drunkest warrior must repel this invasion before chucking-out time lest the world be lost to the horrors of sobriety. "

Go and check this one out !

Last and no means, by least ... Why not check out some of my games ? There are a fair few on PC and a nice small collection over on Android for all to play ...

Shapes Mindorama ::

My first puzzle game of sort, loosely based on 'Tanagrams', Shapes Mindorama has 50 levels to keep you occupied for a while at least. The game also features some great Music and Sound Effects by Kent 'Powertrace' Valden'. This game also uses quite a number of variables, which drove me crazy during its design, but it all worked out alright in the end.

Dead Pixel Invaders ::

It's funny what inspires you when designing computer games, even though 'Space Invaders' is the main theme, the way in which you destroy them, is another story ! Each Dead Pixel Invader needs to be shot more than once in order for it to be totally destroyed. Again, with this game and many of others designed by me, it features great Music and Sound Effects, this time by Chris 'Infamous' Bailey. Think of it by buying or playing a piece of music with a game as well ! Each one of my games are only 0.50 GBP ( other countries currency rates will vary ). There are also, free versions to play as well, just to give you a taste of the game you choose !

If you are interested in playing of some of my games on PC, head over to my website or to the Android Play Store for a varied selection of games with audio and visual entertainment ! Enjoy !

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