Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Taking Shape and Shooting it out !

June seems such a long time ago, it was the same month I released Shapes Mindorama on Android. Even though I got some positive feedback and a couple of sales, there was a mention that there would be more levels to follow in the game description. It maybe a long or even short time coming, but I have indeed been designing some more levels which will be included in full version. Alas, not the *lite* version. The next batch of levels will carry the same goal, but with different ways in which to achieve them.

The above screenshots give a sample of what some of the levels will look like. Moving and static barriers add more of an edge, where extra timing before each shape is placed, is required. I am hoping to experiment with physics a little, so some shapes and maybe other background objects will have a more reactive response. So far, I have designed 30 extra levels on paper and 51 to 65 on the actual game. There will only be 49 extra levels, 99 in total. In doing this, it will make the game good to play with enough variety in each level without being stretched so far. At this point, I can't see there being a sequel or more levels. However, I will being doing bug fixes as and when required. I haven't set any concrete release date for the extra levels, but I would like to see them ready by the end of the 2012.

So, what else have I been up to ? Well, I am currently baking, okay designing, a horizontal shooter. It is still in the test stages, but I have at least got a title for it and the main player sprite pixelled.
As the screenshot clearly shows, the game is indeed called, Space Capra. The name comes from a Commodore 64 design sheet that I was working on back in the 1980's. I used to draw a lot on graph paper, this was not only fun, but also gave me an idea of what sprites I wanted to design when not using the computer.
Even though some of the designs were somewhat simple, it really let my imagination flow with what types of games I wanted to play. Space Capra will be a bit of a mash up of Defender and Scramble at first glance. However, I will try and incorporate other collecting shooty type things as well.
It all looks a bit basic at the moment, but there is movement, enemies can be fired at and the background does scroll. I am going to put in a touch of parallax scrolling in as well, that should definitely make the background look more interesting.
You can design sprites in GameMaker:Studio with its quite powerful Image Editor, but I still like designing sprites in Paint Shop Pro 8. This seems quite a different way to do things, but its the way I like to do things at the moment. Each game has a canvas of sprites and tiles, which get cut out and saved as individual sprites. These then get loaded into the project, where tweaks and other effects are added as and when required.

I expect to get a bit more progress done over the coming weeks, even if the game is bolted together and needs graphical touches with some nice effects thrown in for good measure. I am thinking about lasers and homing missles at the moment !

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