Thursday, September 27, 2012

Roswell Project : No Tears, but smearing involved !

It's funny what a few days can make, crazy ones at that ! But at least there is some good news at the end of it. For Roswell Project is pretty much complete, there might be something to tinker here and there, but it's done.

As you may also notice in the photo, what I believed at the time to be Screen Tearing at the time, is no longer present. After a bug report to YoYo Games and further investigation, an answer was later found, it was in fact a Tile issue ! Seamless Tile Scaling, which is wonderfully explained in an article by Mike Dailly.

So what did I do ? Well, I basically followed the Seamless Tile Scaling article and adjusted all of the tiles with 32 x 32 dimensions. Each tile had a two pixel smear on it with a one pixel gap between each tile in Paint Shop Pro 8. This process took me around two hours !

A horizontal and vertical offset of 3 was applied, then a horizontal and vertical seperation of 5 in GameMaker:Studio. This process was easy, as it is just setting. Now came the tedious task of re-applying all of the tiles onto the three levels maps and a couple of single screens. The levels took the longest, about two hours per level map. All placed by hand with no fancy programs ! Luckily, I had the GameMaker 8.x Roswell Project version at hand and I could visually place each tile into position. The whole process doesn't seem to be necessary for Windows, but more so with regards to this project in Android. This is what I found for this project, others may differ.

With everything in place, the game plays well and I am pretty happy with the port from Windows to Android. The actual game engine was there, which has saved a lot of time. Just leaving some subtle changes with more apparent visual ones, like the buttons and on screen controls. What I do like about GameMaker:Studio is, you can design a game / project and export it to different platforms. Roswell Project currently runs on both Android and Windows. With a couple of lines of code, you can make routines kick in when a different platform is detected. For example, the on screen controls. They don't appear in Windows, but do on Android. Genius !

Roswell Project should be available on Google Play Store for *FREE* on Android over the next couple of days, so keep an eye out for it.

This has been an interesting project and didn't really take that long to do. I can see more ports being done, but what will be next ?

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