Saturday, September 22, 2012

Roswell Project : The Android port so far ...

The Android port of Roswell Project has started and with a few hours here and there over the last week, a fair amount of progress has been made. I ran into a few problems during an import of the GameMaker 8.1 project into GameMaker:Studio, to be honest, there is a warning that some functions may not work as expected. So there will be in most cases, a need for changes in the way the project works.

The Title Screen differs from the original version ...

The original screen size was 768x512 with the updated Android version at 800x480. In this instance, it was just a case adding a couple of extra map tiles on some screens. There is a difference with the font as well, as of GameMaker 8.x and above, bitmap fonts are no longer supported, so on all future projects, true-type fonts are the way to go. For an app or game that is considered free, most fonts don't require permission in being used. However, you may need to ask permission to use certain fonts for commercial purposes. Some font creators only require credit for use of their fonts, so it is good to research this. I purchased a 10,000 fonts pack for $19.95 which has enough to tide me over, plus they can be used for free and commerical purposes. In most cases I mention the font name and author whenever possible. The menu buttons are an addition, which makes the game a little more interactive and interesting. I really like the way they blend in and the slight drop shadow with the text, makes it stand out more.

Some ingame differences from the original version ...

The main difference with the ingame setup, is the scores, lives and collected so far positions with a difference in fonts as well. The game engine itself, hasn't changed much from the original PC version, apart from the extra variable call routines where needed.

Now, for some reason, the intermediate, title and ingame screens have tearing on a Samsung Galaxy Tab2 with 7" screen. Although, this doesn't happen when being tested on the Samsung Galaxy S2.

I am not sure if it is a hardware issue or related to GameMaker:Studio. The screens and map areas aren't overly big. Apart from this the game play pretty well, even if running it on phone or smaller device has a somewhat tiny gaming experience.

The above video gives a taster of what the Android version of Roswell Project offers with the screen tearing making an appearance as well. I expect this issue to be resolved, even if it takes a while to be done.

The credits screen now appears on the title screen, when the credits button is selected. To unselect the credits, you simply tap on the semi-transparent box. I am planning to have all the buttons with the select feature, turning black when selected and white when not.

This game and others from now on, will have high score loading and saving, plus level progress saved. So, when you leave the game, you'll be able to catch up from where you left off. Although, Roswell Project has larger levels, it is still a good option to have. Did I tell you there are mini-games included ? Yes ! Three to be exact, one for each level. Level one has Alien Breakout, level two has Dead Pixel Invaders ( where the full game originated ) and Shapes Capture ( where Shapes Mindorama was adapted from ). Why not check out the PC version of Roswell Project ?

Time to crack on with some more x and y coordinate adjustments !

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