Friday, September 14, 2012

I am alive and still making games !

Prior to my last post - " An App for a Candy Bar ", it hs been over a year since I last wrote a post. I don't think this was any form of abandonment, it was more of a case of other things getting in the way and time. So, I expect to write a post at least once a month, for there has been a lot of nice game making things been going on over the last 12 months.

According to my first post - " Present and Past - Let's Start with Shapes ! ", I gave an introduction on where I started with game design and what my current project was at the time. Well, Shapes Mindorama has been completed and is currently available on Android via the Google Play Store. It was released on June 5th 2012 and is available in a Lite and Paid version. I am currently working on some extra levels, which will be released soon and I expect them to be ready before the end of the year. I will keep you posted !

I am very pleased with the effort put into the game, even though the use of some variable routines drove me mad at times. For without them, like any game, nothing would work properly and would be totally boring. But this wasn't the only game I managed to complete, we also have Dead Pixel Invaders, also available in a Lite and Paid version, plus four other *FREE* games, all on Android.

The first *FREE* fully featured game I released on Android ( yep ! it's all about Android here ! ) was Office Worker. This is a port from a GameMaker 7 project which took a bit of tweaking here and there, but has turned out pretty well considering it's a simple platformer with a cool sound effects and music.

There isn't too much to worry about operationwise with the game, just 'TAP' to start and collect the objects needed for each level. You do have the option to have a choice between sound effects and music on the title screen. So, that's about it !

Now, the remaining games are just mini-games, for a few minutes fun when you have the time. Fartoids, is based on Asteroids, but with a more fun element, where the main player is propelled by natural gases produced by the body with the capability of shooting Peas at rather large Sprouts. You could almost class this as a sort of a hommage to a festive meal with masses of the lovely green vegetables or perhaps not ?

Now that you have built up the momentum from reading about Fartoids, I will move on to the next game. There was a clue in the previous sentence, a sort of link as well. For the next game is called UP and the aim of this game is to 'TAP' the retro gaming object at it's base keeping up the momentum, whilst trying to avoid it colliding with the moving bars above and below within 15 seconds.

UP was designed for the Retro Computer Museum in Coalville, Leicestershire in the United Kingdom. It was done as a fun project and I hope to expand on it in the future.

Notice the Competition Pro Joystick ? I took a photo of that and used Photoshop to cut the background. Once imported into GameMaker, I put a nice blueish glow around it. All of the retro gaming objects have this effect. It all makes into a good, simple little game !

We now Bump into the last, but not last really. Yes ! Another tenious link to the following game, again another game for a spare moment, but you have 60 seconds in this one, more of a survival mission in this instance.

The aim of the game here, is to collect the orange and lemon orbs without colliding with the rotating bombs that seem to just float around in space. Bump was designed for Retrovision in Oxford, United Kingdom and just like UP for the Retro Computer Museum, it was done for fun and a dedication more really to the fun times and company that is shared with the guys that run hosted events.

The game is quite simple to control, just move the green coloured face of 'Markie', a known legend of Retrovision to collect the orbs. Those 60 seconds seem like an eternity whilst playing and I can only seem to last with 10 seconds to spare before one of those blasted bombs get me.

As you can see, I have been pretty much active, even though the blog has shown nothing but silence over the past 12 months. Apart, from being a little bit busy, a few personal things have happened to me, as in, the return of the darkness, not so much a game, but depression. I am not ashamed to mention this, as it affects many people and in different ways. However, a few months ago, I was also diagnosed with an under-active Thyroid and borderline Type 2 Diabetes. This is a bit of a big hit really, at times it has been a bit too much to take in. But with help, advice, medication and some dietry changes, I expect myself to maintain a normal standard of life. Well, as normal as you can get.

So, we move on and what have I got planned next ? I would like to do a couple of ports to Android of a couple of my PC games, Roswell Project and possibly Phantom Millennium ? Maybe a few more, I think a reworking of Coin Mania Remix would work well, but we'll have to see if time permits. There is a secret remake I am hoping to do and a newer project, but I'll keep it under my hat for the time being. You will all find out soon !

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