Saturday, July 23, 2011

Where's My Pen ? : 2009 - Office Worker - " A Week In a Life Of An ... "

Ok ! You've lost your Pen, some mad fool is talking loudly on the Phone and all you want to do is gone home and do something less boring instead. Feelings that most would share in a typical office where personalities clash and where everyone is better than anyone. Well, until now that is !
Office Worker is a typical platformer romp where you have to collect and avoid things in order to complete a level. In this game you play, Greg and have to go through each day collecting objects for each day of the working week, until a Jigsaw piece is available. But can you reach the ultimate goal in completing the week at work ?
There are energy boosters along the way in the form of Cream Cakes and Cookies, just enough to give you that sugar rush to get that bit further. The crazy elements I like in this game are the spitting packing boxes on Level 2 and the firing Network Cables on Level 4. All in all a great little game with the joy and luck in being able to use the music by Bit Shifter [ ] from his Album Information Chase. The music certainly marries well with Office Worker and gives play very similar to an 8-bit game, which I was hoping for when designing it. Start your 9-5 this way : [ ]

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