Sunday, July 10, 2011

Where it all began : 2005 - Bugsy " The Four Seasons "

Although, I actually started getting involved with Game Design in 1988/9 with Phantom - The Mission on the Commodore 64. Then, after in 1995 with Coin Mania on the Commodore Amiga. Bugsy was my project on a PC using Game Maker, version 5.3a to be exact. The Game was based on a Platfomer Tutorial that came with Game Maker, which was studied and pulled apart until I understood the functions of each routine. I did have to ask for help when it came to using Variables for counting the amount of Coins that had to be collected on each Level. Thankfully, the Game Maker Community Forum was helpful and understanding how variables worked really made a difference. We are talking about Global and Local Variables.

Keeping to an 8-Bit style way of thinking, my first PC Game was born with additional help from Darren Izzard who composed the Music, both in Midi and MP3 format. Although, I used the Midi format, as it kept the file size of the main game smaller, ideal for e-mail and webspace purposes.

You maybe interested to know, that Busgy was designed whilst I was living in America and on a Pentium II 266 Mhz IBM Thinkpad with 256 MB RAM and a 2MB Video Card. So, despite it's power, I still managed to get something out of it.

I dedicated the game in loving memory to my mother who sadly passed away the previous year. I am sure she would have been pretty much amazed at the Home Brew Games that I have been creating over the last few years and by the haul of Retro Computer Equipment, but that's a story for another day.

So, the aim of the game with Bugsy, is to collect all of the Coins whilst trying to avoid the various Objects that are trying to stop you. For instance, Birds, Insects and a Boulder or two. There are 16 Levels or four seasons with four Levels in each. You can Download and Play Bugsy at : [ ] I am thinking about doing a revamped or updated version of Bugsy, which I am hoping won't be too far in the future.

As a first game, Bugsy isn't too bad. I could have done Jump Through Platforms, which would have made the game a bit easier, but as a first and newcomer to Game Maker, it was a good start !

Coming up in the next post : Elastic Band Warrior ( What Bad Karma can do )

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