Saturday, July 9, 2011

Present and Past - Let's Start with Shapes !

I like to dabble in a bit of Home Brew, not in the alcohol sense ( although I do like to have a Beer or two now and again ), but with my own recipe of Game Design. My Programming Language of choice is ... Game Maker on the PC ! Purely for the reason of it's ease of use and simplicity to some extent in a projects construction, but also for the comfort it has given me since 2004 with Game Design. My main aim is to create original and unique games for all to play and enjoy, even if the progress on two current projects has been a little slow, I am still hoping to complete them by the end of 2011.

So, instead of a past to present show and tell, lets take the current project I am working on and gradually work backwards.

Current ::

Designed in Game Maker 8.0 : Shapes - Mindorama / Music and Sound Effects by Kent ' Trace ' Valden

The aim of this game, is to select a Shape and place it on the corresponding Shadow. Once the Shape is chosen you aren't allowed to put it back down, so placing it, is the only way to proceed to the next Shape. There are currently 50 Levels of play and maybe more. If that wasn't enough, you are against the clock ! Initially, this project is designed to run on a PC, but there is a *real* hope that in the near future it will be ported to run on Apple iOS and Android systems. This process will be achieved via submitting the game to YoYo Games or submitting it personally with a Studio version of Game Maker in 2012.

Current Title Screen - Version 4

 Current Stages Screen - Version 4

 In-Game Screen - Level 9

All of the screenshots show the current working status of Shapes - Mindorama, but the video ( without audio ) demonstrates the game in action.

Hopefully, over the next couple of weeks / months, I will be able to keep an update of its progress. If I were to give an estimate of its completion, I would say about 80%. 

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